How to Write on Auto Glass & Avoid Baytown Windshield Repair

car with just married written on the back with safe products to avoid Baytown windshield repair

Celebrating an event like your wedding, your kid’s baseball game, or a birthday? Decorating your car’s windows is a fun way to let the world know how excited you are! However, before you get started, keep in mind that using the wrong products for writing on your windows can have disastrous effects, including damage that may need Baytown windshield repair to fix. Here are some tips from auto glass experts to help you decorate your car windows safely.

The Wrong Window Paint can Lead to Baytown Windshield Repair

Auto glass is pretty tough. It helps protect you and your passengers from everything from rain to flying rocks on the road. However, that doesn’t mean that it’s indestructible. That’s why it’s so important to use the right products on your windshield and other auto glass. 

A lot of people end up needing auto glass repair in Baytown after writing on their windows. Usually it’s from scrubbing and scraping because the paint they chose won’t come off. Some people even have to resort to scraping writing with razor blades. Unfortunately, these can scratch glass, especially if you haven’t been trained properly on their use. So, instead, we recommend using products that are easy to clean off to help keep your windshield and auto glass in good condition.

The Safe Way to Decorate Car Windows and Avoid Baytown Windshield Repair

car with just married written on the back with safe products to avoid Baytown windshield repair
Writing on your windshield is a great way to let people know you’re celebrating, but make sure you use the right products to avoid Baytown windshield repair.

Fortunately, there are many options out there that are perfectly safe for your auto glass. We generally recommend using water-based chalk markers. These offer a great look for all your car window writing and drawings, can last a pretty long time, and are easy to remove when you’re ready to. Water-based chalk markers for auto glass typically come off with just a damp cloth or some soap and water. However, it’s important to check the package and make sure the markers are water-based, as you can also buy oil-based chalk markers that can be much more difficult to clean (if you already made this mistake, don’t worry, we have some cleaning tips for you below). 

How to Decorate Car Windows with Writing and Drawings

Once you’ve picked up the right markers for your auto glass, you can get started decorating your car’s windows. Here are some steps we recommend to help:

  • Wash your auto glass to remove dirt and debris before writing on the glass
  • Dry the glass thoroughly
  • Carefully write, draw, or trace your design
  • Use a damp cloth to correct any mistakes before they dry
  • Allow the final design to dry thoroughly

Now, if you want your writing to last even in the face of unexpected rain, you can write your message on the inside of the windows. Of course, you’ll need to write everything backwards. If you’re not like Da Vinci and can’t write backwards (don’t worry, we can’t either), we have a tip: tape a template to the outside of the glass and trace it from the inside.

Cleaning Window Chalk Off Auto Glass

Once the celebration is over and you’re ready to get back to normal, clear windows, you still need to use the right cleaning products and tools to avoid Baytown windshield repair. We recommend using soft microfiber cloths, a bit of car-washing soap and water, and your favorite auto glass cleaner. 

If you used the water-based chalk marker for your car windows, then cleaning it off should be a snap. You can typically just wash your car as normal and watch the writing melt away. However, it might take a couple of tries or a little more vigorous rubbing if the writing has been on there for quite a while.

You Used the Wrong Products? Here are Some Tips for Removing Other Types of Paint and Ink to Help You Avoid Baytown Windshield Repair

So, what if you’ve already decorated your car windows before reading this article? Or maybe a well-meaning but misguided friend decorated your car windows as a surprise? If so, you may still be able to remove the writing and drawings without damaging the glass. You just might need a lot of patience and a gentle hand, In other cases, you might need the name of a good professional detailer. 

The best way to clean paint or ink off of your auto glass will depend on what it is. If you’re not sure, then it’s usually best to start with a bit of soap and water and work your way up to more difficult or harsh cleaning methods.

Oil-Based Products

Many people use shoe polish, craft paint, or even oil-based chalk markers by mistake to decorate their auto glass. If this is the case, then you’ll likely need a solvent that is a little more concentrated than just soap and water, like:

  • WD-40
  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Acetone/nail polish remover

As a Baytown glass company, we generally recommend trying WD-40 first, as it doesn’t damage glass or your car’s paint. Try soaking the area for 10 to 20 minutes to help deactivate the paint and then wipe with a soft cloth to remove. You can follow up with a good wash to get clean, clear windows again.

If you don’t have WD-40 or if it doesn’t work, you can try rubbing alcohol. Rubbing alcohol is generally safe for car paint as long as you dilute it to between 10% and 15%. Apply to a rag and rub on the paint to help remove it. You can follow up with a good wash and auto glass cleaner. 

The last thing you can try is acetone or nail polish remover. A word of caution, though, acetone can eat through your car’s paint. So, it’s important to be very careful if you choose this route, as any drips or runs can leave you needing a new paint job. If you still haven’t been able to remove the paint from the windows and you find yourself at this step, it might be a better solution to go to a professional detailer. However, if you’re determined to clean the mess up yourself, you can try putting a little acetone on a rag and very carefully applying it to only the painted area. 

Permanent Marker Ink on Car Windows

What if someone took a permanent marker to your auto glass? Don’t fret, you can typically clean this off your windows as well. In most cases, you can quickly clean permanent marker ink off your car’s windows with a little bit of rubbing alcohol and a soft cloth. Remember, you want to dilute the rubbing alcohol to between 10% and 15% so if you do accidentally drip the alcohol onto your car’s paint job, it won’t harm it. 

Consider Professional Detailing

Now, whether all your DIY efforts failed, you don’t have time to clean, or you’re afraid you might damage your glass and end up paying for Baytown windshield repair in the end, then it’s time to turn to a professional. Professional car detailers have specialized training to remove all kinds of things from the delicate surfaces in and on your car. An experienced and well-rated detailer can typically restore your auto glass to its normal, undecorated state.

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