What Is Glass?

History of GlassGlass naturally occurs when tremendous heat is applied to silicon dioxide through a lightning strike or through manufacturing processes. This effectively melts the silicon dioxide, which is usually found in the form of sand. Obsidian glass is created when volcanic eruptions melt rock and create a glassy substance that is usually black or dark gray in color.

Glass History Throughout Time

Glass melting technologies were first developed in ancient Mesopotamia and Egypt at some point around 3500 B.C. Mass production of glass, however, did not occur until the first century B.C. in Syria. This process used furnaces that generated a great deal of heat. The glass created by these early glass melting technologies was mostly used for decorative and ceremonial purposes. It was not until about 100 A.D. that glass blowing technologies made it practical to shape glass and create items useful for various applications.

Tempered and Laminated Glass

In 1900, a chemist named Rudolph Seiden from Austria obtained a patent for tempered glass. Tempered glass is exposed to heat to produce a more durable option for car windows and some commercial window applications. The laminated glass used for auto windshields consists of two layers of tempered glass held together with a layer of adhesive in the middle. This prevents glass from flying when windshields are broken or damaged. When more layers of glass and adhesive are added, the result is security or bulletproof glass suitable for use in high-security areas.

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