Tempered vs. Security Glass

Safety Glass - Tempered vs. Security Glass | Baytown commercial glass| Baytown Window Repair | Baytown Glass RepairSecurity glass, laminated glass and other types of safety glass are often lumped together as one single type of glass. In fact, these varieties of safety glass are quite different from each other and are used in different ways:

  • Tempered glass is processed using a heating process that makes it stronger and more resistant to impacts. It is often used in regular commercial windows and for the side and rear windows of automobiles.
  • Laminated glass is used in auto glass applications for windshields and for other areas where added protection is needed to secure inventory or to reduce risks to people. It consists of two layers of tempered glass attached to each other by a layer of adhesive.
  • Security glass is an upgraded form of laminated glass and features more layers of glass and adhesive.

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