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Your sunroof may be your favorite feature of your car, so get auto glass repair in Baytown if yours is chipped or cracked.

You know you need auto glass repair in Baytown for your windshield, but what about sunroof chips and cracks? Sunroofs also help protect you, your passengers, and your car’s interior from the elements. Therefore, it’s important to take care of sunroof damage as soon as possible. Ignoring chips and cracks in your sunroof can lead to worsening damage and even safety hazards for you and your passengers. Learn why you might need sunroof glass repair and how it works:

Why You May Need Auto Glass Repair in Baytown for Your Sunroof

Just like windshields and side windows, you may need auto glass repair in Baytown for your sunroof at one point or another. Over time, debris like rocks and hail can make the glass look pitted. Also, you may notice chips and cracks in your sunroof from flying debris like small rocks and gravel. Damage can make your glass weaker and more prone to breakage. Chips and cracks can also let in moisture and dirt, which can ruin your car’s interior. Without auto glass repair in Baytown, damage like chips and cracks can spread and become larger and more complex. This makes repair more difficult and can even mean replacing the entire sunroof unit, rather than just the glass. Therefore, seeking Baytown glass repair for your sunroof as soon as possible can help you keep your car and everyone inside safe.

Is Repairing a Sunroof the Same Process as Baytown Windshield Repair?

So, how does auto glass repair in Baytown work for sunroofs? This depends on the type of sunroof your car has. For example, you can have an internal or external. Internal sunroofs sit between the metal and the headliner. External sunroofs, also called moonroofs, sit on top of the vehicle and can slide backward. Today, this is what most cars feature, rather than then unmoving internal sunroof. Depending on whether your sunroof is internal or external, you may need different services for sunroof repair. However, the main difference on whether you need auto glass repair in Baytown or sunroof replacement is the type of glass your vehicle’s manufacturer used.

Tempered Sunroofs Require Replacement

Many makes and models use tempered glass in sunroofs, which is the same type of glass as most side windows. This type of glass is strong and resistant to extreme temperature fluctuations and impacts. However, if something does inflict enough force to break it, then it’s designed to crumble into rounded pieces. This is to help prevent injuries from broken glass. While rare, in some cases you may notice small chips on tempered sunroofs. Even for small damages, it’s safer to replace the tempered glass panel, as there is no effective way to repair this type of glass.

Auto Glass Repair in Baytown May be an Option for Laminated Sunroofs

However, some cars use laminated glass for the roof. Laminated glass is essentially a glass sandwich – two or more layers of glass fused together with special resin. Laminated glass can stand often stand up to more force than tempered glass. When laminated glass breaks, the resin layer helps keep the glass shards in place. Repairing these types of sunroofs is similar to Baytown windshield repair. Your auto glass technician cleans the windshield and removes air with vacuum equipment. Then, we inject resin into the damaged area to fill and seal the crack or chip. However, just like windshields, large, deep, or particularly complex damage may still require replacement rather than auto glass repair in Baytown. Whether you need repair or replacement for your sunroof, make sure you repair damage as soon as possible and work with an experienced glass company to ensure a high quality, durable repair.

What to Do When You Need Auto Glass Repair in Baytown for Your Sunroof

If you find yourself with a damaged sunroof, the process is much the same as any other auto glass repair in Baytown. First, if you believe the sunroof was damaged due to vandalism or theft, you may need to file a police report. While it’s less common for criminals to smash your sunroof compared to your car windows, it can still happen. In most cases, if you need to file a police report, you should try to keep the scene exactly as you found it, which means not cleaning up any glass until after the offer arrives to take pictures and write up the report.

Additionally, you may also want to contact your auto insurance if you want to file a claim. Just like your other auto glass, your sunroof may or may not be covered by your insurance policy. For example, liability insurance doesn’t usually cover any damage on your own car. Comprehensive coverage may cover broken sunroofs, but you will usually need to pay your deductible first. If you have auto glass coverage, then often your policy pays for auto glass repair in Baytown without a deductible.

If the sunroof is completely broken, then you’ll also need to clean up the glass as much as possible and cover the damaged sunroof. Try covering the sunroof with a heavy-duty trash bag or another thick plastic. This will help reduce how much dust, dirt, and other objects get into your car until you can get a sunroof replacement. It’s important to note that covering the sunroof is a temporary fix and should only be used until you can get to your auto glass repair shop, as the plastic cannot adequately protect your vehicle from the elements and from flying objects.

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