Types of Damage & Baytown Windshield Repair

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Baytown windshield repair is an option for many types of auto glass chips and cracks.

If you notice damage in your auto glass, you may be wondering if you can get Baytown windshield repair. This often depends on the location, severity, and type of damage in your windshield. While some types of chips and cracks can be repaired, others are better handled with a windshield replacement.

How Does Baytown Windshield Repair Work?

When you have a damaged windshield, your auto glass professionals thoroughly clean your windshield to assess the damage and determine if it can be repaired. During auto glass repair in Baytown, we create a vacuum over the chip or crack using specialized equipment. This removes air and moisture from the damaged area. Then, we inject a resin into the chip or crack to seal the glass back together. Finally, to harden the resin, we use a UV light designed to cure the resin quickly for a durable bond. The final step in Baytown windshield repair is to polish the surface of your windshield to create a smooth surface.

However, it’s important to understand that not all types of windshield damage can be repaired. For example, resin can’t create a strong enough bond for safety when you have complex chips or cracks in your auto glass. Therefore, for some types of damage, it’s better to choose replacement instead of Baytown windshield repair.

Types of Chips

Chips are generally the result of debris hitting your windshield. Windshield chips are generally smaller than cracks and usually only affect the outer layer of the windshield. There are several types of chips that may affect your windshield.

Baytown Windshield Repair for Pits

Pits in your windshield are areas where a small piece of glass is missing from the surface. Most of the time, pits aren’t deep and don’t penetrate the middle layer of the windshield. Therefore, in most cases you will not need Baytown windshield repair for pitting. If you do have windshield pits from general wear and tear, in some cases your glass technicians can lightly buff the surface of your glass to help even out the surface. However, if your windshield is particularly old and full of pits, it may be time for a windshield replacement.

Get Baytown Windshield Repair for Star Breaks

Star breaks are windshield chips that have small cracks coming out from the center. While auto glass repair in Baytown generally works for these types of chips, they can quickly spread and become too large to repair. Therefore, if you notice this type of chip in your windshield, it’s important to get it repaired as soon as possible.

Bullseye Auto Glass Chips

A common chip caused by rock impact is a bullseye chip. This type of windshield damage looks just like a bullseye, with a spot in the middle and circular cracks around it. In many cases, this type of damage penetrates the middle layer of the glass, leaving behind a cone-like shape in the outer layer. These types of chips are generally repairable, but it depends on how deep and large the chip is. For example, chips that break through both layers of glass or are larger than a quarter coin may affect the structural integrity of your auto glass. Your Baytown windshield repair technician can help you determine the safest course of action for your vehicle.

Half-Moon Chips

Half-moon windshield chips look just like bullseye chips cut in half. In most cases, this is because a rock hit your auto glass at an odd angle, leaving behind a semi-circle of damage. Once again, your auto glass technicians may be able to repair a windshield with half-moon chips, but this depends on the depth and diameter of the chip.

Combination Chips

As you can probably guess from the name, combination chips are chips that involve more than one type of damage. For example, you might see damage that looks like a half-moon and a star break. Or, you might have chips with long cracks through them. Combination chips can be particularly tricky to repair, so it’s important to work with experienced glass professionals. In some cases, combination chips can be so complex that repair simply won’t make your windshield structurally sound again. In these cases, it’s best to choose replacement instead. 

Types of Cracks

Windshield cracks, on the other hand, are linear areas of damage and are generally bigger than chips. Cracks can be on the inner or the outer layer of glass and often require more specialized Baytown windshield repair services. Multiple cracks or large cracks often require windshield replacement instead of repair.

Baytown Windshield Repair for Floater Cracks

Floater cracks are cracks in your auto glass that are toward the center of your windshield. Depending on the size of the floater crack, repair may be an option. However, floater cracks can start to spread quickly, so you will need to act fast to reduce the likelihood that you will need auto glass replacement.

Windshield Edge Cracks

A crack within two inches of the edge of your windshield is considered an edge crack. This type of auto glass damage generally requires windshield replacement. The problem with edge cracks is that they weaken your windshield. They can also affect the bond between the glass and the frame of your vehicle. Therefore, it’s often safest to choose replacement services instead of repair. 

Stress Cracks

Additionally, while the previous two types of windshield cracks usually involve some kind of impact, stress cracks can occur without anything hitting your windshield. Generally, this is due to extreme temperature fluctuations. For example, leaving your vehicle parked in the sun on a hot day and then blasting the cold air conditioning directly on your windshield. Stress cracks generally occur because glass expands when it’s hot and contracts when it’s cool. Creating those changes too quickly can put too much pressure on the glass and cause a stress crack. Most stress cracks create straight lines in your windshield. In some cases, these can be repaired. However, they frequently occur near the edge of the windshield, which generally mean replacement for windshield strength and safety.

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