Signs of Bad Quality Auto Glass Repair in Baytown

Technician applying adhesive for auto glass repair in Baytown
If you need auto glass repair in Baytown, choose experienced technicians for high quality repairs.

What happens if the auto glass repair in Baytown isn’t done correctly? While you might assume that any auto glass repair shop will provide good work unfortunately you may be mistaken. 

There are many cases where you can end up with poor quality auto glass repair. Often, it’s from choosing a cut-rate or low quality auto glass repair shop with bad service standards or inexperienced technicians. This can open you up to numerous hazards, including leaking or loose windshields. Therefore, it’s important to choose a glass company you trust to provide top quality repairs.

Here are several signs of poor quality auto glass repair in Baytown:

Imperfectly Fitting Windshield After Auto Glass Repair in Baytown

Windshields should fit firmly in the windshield frame. A skilled technician will make sure they install the right size auto glass for your car. Check to see if your replaced windshield attaches precisely to the frame’s edges. Any gaps or movement is a sign the windshield doesn’t fit right.

Water Leaks around the Edges After Baytown Windshield Repair

You may notice water leaking around your windshield’s edges when you drive in the rain or get your car washed. This may be due to a variety of things, including a bad seal for your new windshield, an incorrectly sized windshield, or auto glass repair in Baytown with low quality materials. Even if you notice tiny leaks, that means your auto glass is likely compromised.

Annoying Wind Noise After Repairs or Replacement

An incorrectly installed windshield could make a whistling sound when you drive. This is because wind can enter the seams of your windshield if the technicians didn’t install it correctly.

Depending on how bad the installation was, this noise might range from hardly audible to very loud. In some cases, you may need to turn off the radio, roll up the windows, and turn off the air conditioning to hear it while traveling at highway speeds. Even quiet noises signal there’s something wrong with your auto glass.

Visibly Wavy Glass After Auto Glass Repair in Baytown

Your windshield glass should look smooth in direct sunlight. If your auto glass is rippled, waved, or bumpy, there’s a quality issue with either the glass or the auto glass repair in Baytown. 

Installers Didn’t Wear Gloves During Repairs

When installing a new windshield, the technicians must wear gloves. This prevents oils from their hands from getting on the glass. Otherwise, the urethane adhesive may not stick properly.

Windshield Cracks Soon After Replacement

Cracks and bumps are a serious safety threat. Your recently fitted windshield may develop cracks or ripples from improper fit. Check the your windshield thoroughly after replacement to look for signs of these issues. If you do find cracks or other signs of damage, it’s essential to get the damaged glass replaced as soon as possible. 

Rattling Noises After Baytown Windshield Repair

If your windshield rattles when you drive, this may be a sign it was not tightly fitted to the frame. If this is the case, you will need a professional to redo the installation to ensure a good fit.

Old Adhesive Remains After Windshield Replacement

An important step for windshield replacement is scraping the old adhesive away before a new fitting. If your auto glass installer simply took off the old windshield and fitted the new one on top of the old glue, then your windshield will be prone to leaks and won’t be weather-proof.  This problem can’t be fully solved while your replacement windshield is still in place. An experienced auto glass installer will detach it, clean out the old seal, and install it afresh. 

Only One Person Did the Installation for Your New Windshield

For a quality windshield replacement job, at least two skilled technicians are usually needed to handle the glass ensure proper positioning. If only one person installed your new windshield, then it’s likely you will have issues with your car’s auto glass.

You Drove Your Car Immediately After Auto Glass Repair in Baytown

If your auto glass repair technicians let you drive your car home right after completing Baytown glass repair, your windshield was probably not installed properly. This is because the adhesives used to secure a new windshield typically take a few hours to dry and harden. The glass will thus shift if you drive prematurely. If you drove your car within a few hours of installation, it is almost certain the adhesive for the glass didn’t set properly.

Get Your Professional Auto Glass Repair  in Baytown Done Right at Joey’s Glass Company 

You are putting yourself and other people in danger if your auto glass is faulty. That’s why it’s essential to choose a quality glass company from the get-go. If you notice issues with your auto glass, choose our professionals for your auto glass repair and replacement needs. 

Joey’s Glass Company is always ready to help you. We are the oldest full-service glass company in Baytown, serving the Greater Baytown area since 1973. Trust our vast experience and reputation for excellence for your auto glass repair in Baytown needs. Contact us today to get a free quote for Baytown windshield repair and other auto glass services.