How Baytown Shower Glass Installation Works for Frameless Showers

Frameless shower after Baytown shower glass installation

You’ve decided to upgrade your bathroom with a new shower door. It’s one of the greatest investments you can make in your house is remodeling the bathroom as it can add instant value. However, Baytown shower glass installation is a bit intricate and requires professional handling.

Frameless shower doors don’t have any solid metal framework. Also, because they are all-glass doors, handling a frameless glass shower door might be a little challenging. In frameless shower panels, the glass is thicker to support the operation without breaking. Because heavier glass equals greater weight, be careful to enlist the assistance of a professional.

With the right planning, you can  enjoy the beauty of frameless showers in your home. Continue reading to find out more about frameless shower glass installation by our Baytown glass company.

Basic Steps in Baytown Shower Glass Installation for Frameless Showers

Frameless shower after Baytown shower glass installation
It’s best to choose professional Baytown shower glass installation for frameless shower enclosures.

Shower door installation entails a process intended to guarantee the glass fits properly in the shower area. The Baytown shower glass installation process outlined here is one used by Joey’s Glass Company, but it is probably a good representation of what experienced glass firms all throughout the country do. The steps are:

Initial Consultation for Baytown Shower Glass Installation

The foremost step is your initial consultation for Baytown shower glass installation. You may discuss this over the phone, or we can arrange a no-cost in-home consultation with one of our glaziers. The glazier evaluates your shower area during an in-home consultation and provides more detailed information and recommendations. 

Measurement for Glass Doors and Panels

Next comes the measuring and inspection of the shower space. Ideally, this happens at the first meeting. However, if your shower walls aren’t finished, we may need to reschedule. For the most precise measurements, we need to measure after all the walls and floors of the shower are finished. This helps ensure the glass will fit perfectly for your shower.

Custom Fabrication for Shower Glass

If yours is a standard-size shower, you may get a kit that fits snugly in your shower area. However, you can still get the frameless glass shower of your dreams even if the size of your shower area isn’t standard.

Each piece of glass will be custom-fabricated for your shower area using the collected measurements. You may choose from a wide variety of glass and hardware options to give your shower the final look you desire.

Hinge Installation

The installer will fit the gaskets on each hinge one at a time. We take care to make sure the hinges (or the sliding rack for sliding shower doors) are in the right location in the finished wall. Drilling may be needed to do this in materials like tile, drywall, or stone. It is essential to check that the hinges and the fixed glass clips (for the enclosure’s unmoving glass panels) are securely fastened to the wall and situated in their proper locations for Baytown shower glass installation. Otherwise, it may put too much pressure on the glass, effectively breaking it.

Mounting Brackets

The installer will then drill holes into the curb and using the bracket screws, install the mounting brackets in their designated locations and fasten them to the curb. Our technicians take care to make sure the bracket spacing meets the manufacturer’s specifications.

Baytown Shower Glass Installation for the Stationary Panels

This requires at least two technicians to ensure safety when taking  the glass panel and placing its edge on the wall so that the mounting brackets line up with the notches on the glass shower panel. The technicians will then fit the gasket on the other half of the mounting bracket. and screw the two bracket components together.

Shower Door Installation

The installer aligns the frameless shower door with the fixed panels and uses screws to secure it to the hinges. They will make sure the  screws are not too tight to interfere with the door’s operation by pulling out the door while tightening the screws.

Shower Sweep Installation

The technician then installs the plastic door sweep. This keeps the water inside the shower area. This sweep is typically made of transparent vinyl plastic.

For frameless shower doors, the water sweep fastens an aluminum U-channel rail or transparent rail that fits over the bottom of the door. The flexible or vinyl sweep drapes down from the rail to close the shower door clearance gap. Your shower glass experts will use a combined water sweep and drip rail under the door if it’s directly in the water spray from the shower head.

Installing Remaining Hardware to Shower Door

The next step is installing the hardware for the shower enclosure, such as handles, hooks, and towel bars. If you need a grab bar, we install that into the wall, rather than the glass shower door. This is to provide proper support and safety. 

Silicone Caulking

Regardless of how precise our measurements or the glass fabrication is, there will almost always be a slight gap between the tile and the glass. That’s why we apply silicone caulk to stop even the slightest drops from getting through. Silicone caulk provides a watertight seal for your shower for years to come.


Finally, our techs will thoroughly clean the glass inside and out to ensure the shower looks brand-new and sparkling.

Handle all Your Baytown Shower Glass Installation Needs With Joey’s Glass Company

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