Baytown Commercial Glass: Glass Shelves & Display Cases

Store with Baytown commercial glass shelves

Retail is more competitive than ever, so store owners need to do everything they can to get ahead. Many stores in the Greater Baytown area stay competitive by replacing old store shelves and storefronts with Baytown commercial glass.

These shelves are locally manufactured by a Baytown glass company which means they support the community and keep costs low since there is not as much shipping and handling of a fragile product. If you live in the Baytown area, you may wonder what commercial glass can do to make your store stand out against the competition. Here is everything you need to know about what makes Baytown commercial glass unique and its benefits for your business. 

Types of Baytown Commercial Glass Displays

Store with Baytown commercial glass shelves
Baytown commercial glass is the perfect material for your store’s shelves and display cases.

There are many different ways to use glass to display the products in your store. Here are some popular options:

Floating Glass Shelves

Floating glass shelves are aptly named because they give the appearance that they are floating in mid-air. These shelves are excellent for using vertical space in your store and showcasing high-end items. You can install them on any wall. However, they’re usually behind the counter or out of reach on the sales floor. 

Baytown Commercial Glass Display Cases

Glass display cases are some of the most popular ways to use Baytown commercial glass as shelving for retail products. They generally provide shelving in an enclosed case mounted to the floor of a store. Glass display cases are often used in setting like a jewelry store to give an unobstructed view of the merchandise. 

Commercial Glass Tube Shelves

Glass tube shelves are common in many retail industries, where it helps to have a 360° view of the product. They get their name from the metal tubing that makes up the support structure on which the glass shelves attach or rest. These shelves are also popular because they can reach from floor to ceiling, making the most out of your vertical space. 

Hybrid Shelves

This is another popular shelf option, thanks to its ornate design. These shelves often have a wood or metal body but the shelves are tempered glass.

Rotating Glass Cases

Lastly, these cases are often associated with jewelry stores. However, you can use them for practically any item that fits in the case. They are again a perfect option for products that need a 360° view, and rotation will catch customers’ eyes and draw them into whatever is in the case. It’s one of the only shelving options that allows the customers to really interact with the case.

Benefits of Baytown Commercial Glass Shelves

Now that you have an idea of the shelves that will benefit your retail store, you should know some of the amazing benefits of using Baytown commercial glass for your shelves and displays. 

Makes the Store Look Bigger

Since glass is clear, it does not obscure the line of sight like a solid material, giving the stores a more spacious look. 

Draws the Eye

Clear glass also highlights your products. Moreover, since there is nothing in the way to obstruct the vision, it offers a great, total view of each product. Such a view of each product gives it a more upscale and exclusive feeling


Baytown commercial glass is generally tempered, making it incredibly durable. Tempering involves superheating the glass to make it much stronger than normal, untreated glass. It takes much more force to break than other types of glass and is what many car windows use.

When tempered glass breaks, it doesn’t break into dangerous shards. Instead, it becomes small pieces with rounded edges, which are safer and easier to clean up. Tempered glass is not only more resistant to breaks, it’s also harder to scratch and won’t debt or splinter like other types of shelves. Therefore, glass shelving often looks better longer. 

Easy to Clean

On a day-to-day basis, glass shelves only need light dusting to look clean and new. For tougher dirt, all you need is a streak-free glass cleaner. It will cut through the grime to make them clean and clear. Also, glass isn’t porous like wood, making it easy to wipe up any spills.  

Great for Lighting

Opaque shelving materials like wood block light and cast shadows over products. This can make them less attractive and potentially hide their benefits. However, clear glass shelves let light through and help you highlight your products from any angle.

Low Maintenance

Besides light cleaning, glass shelves need next to no maintenance. However, with wood or metal shelves you must paint or stain them often. Otherwise, they can lose their luster over time. Baytown commercial glass looks as new as the day you installed it. 

Better for the Environment

In a world that is becoming ever more environmentally conscious, glass shelves will make a statement in your store. Glass is a recyclable material that we can use again and again for a variety of uses, making it a good eco-friendly option. Unfortunately, wood and metal shelves use materials that are harder to renew and create harmful emissions in their construction process. 

Subconsciously Invokes Caution for Fragile Items

If you are selling fragile items in your store, glass shelves give a subconscious warning that your store should be handled with care. People being more cautious about how they move in the store will prevent overactive behavior and accidents. 

What If My Baytown Commercial Glass Shelves Break?

While tempered glass shelves are harder to break, you might find yourself with small cracks or breaks in the glass over time. The good news is that Baytown glass repair is often an option for your commercial glass shelves. If you are faced with a repair need, you want a Baytown glass company that you can trust. If you have a cracked shelf for any reason, get in touch for quick, quality repairs. This will help keep your shelves looking great and also keep them safe for your staff and customers.

Baytown Commercial Glass Solutions from Joey’s Glass – Quality Glass Since 1973

Now that you know many of the fantastic benefits of glass shelving and cases in your store, you are probably wondering about the best way to upgrade your store with glass. Whether it is redoing every shelf in the store or installing a few glass cases to highlight products, Joey’s Glass can help. Contact us today to get a quote for your commercial glass needs.