Does Windshield Protection Film Prevent Auto Glass Damage?

Close up of polished new auto glass after windshield repair

Auto glass damage can be a pain. It can also be dangerous to drive with a chipped or cracked windshield. That’s why it’s essential to get windshield repair as soon as possible. However, if you’ve had to repair your windshield recently, you might be looking for ways to stop it from happening in the future. If this is the case, you may have seen ads for windshield protection film and wondered if it’s worth the investment. In this blog post, we’ll take a look at what windshield protection film is and whether or not it can help prevent auto glass damage.

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What is Windshield Protection Film?

Close up of polished new auto glass after windshield repair
Properly applying windshield film after windshield repair can help protect the glass from future damage.

Windshield protection film is a unique product that provides an added layer of protection to windshields. This extra layer can reduce the risk of scratches, chips, and cracks on your windshield. Basically, it helps absorb some of the force from flying debris like rocks and pebbles so they’re less likely to cause damage to the glass. In this way, it can reduce how often you need windshield repair.

These films can also offer some other benefits, depending on the type. For instance:

  • Noise reduction for the vehicle cabin
  • Some UV protection
  • Faster run off for rain

However, generally speaking most people use these products as a cost-effective way to keep the windshield in good shape and reduce the need for windshield repairs and replacements in the long-term.

Does Windshield Protection Film Actually Help Stop the Need for Windshield Repair?

Windshield protection films have been gaining traction in the automotive industry recently. They’re generally marketed as a way to extend the life of auto glass and save money on windshield repairs. Just keep in mind that there is no surefire way to prevent all damage, so you may still need auto glass repair services from time to time.

These films offer an extra layer of protection between your auto glass and the elements to prevent chips, cracks, and scratches. In this way, they can make your windshield last longer and reduce the need for frequent windshield repairs. However, they won’t stop all damages. For one, it only helps stop damages from impact, like rocks and pebbles when you’re driving. It likely won’t do anything about stress cracks due to high temperatures, which still happens quite a lot here in Dayton, Texas. Also, remember that the film only helps absorb some impact, so anything that hits the windshield really hard will still likely cause chips and cracks. Nevertheless, many car owners find that these films are a great way to protect your car’s windshield.

Pros & Cons of Windshield Protection Film Products

With windshield protection film, there are both advantages and disadvantages to consider. On the plus side, windshield protection film can help prevent windshield chips and cracks, which can extend the life of your windshield and reduce the costs associated with windshield repair. The downside is that some windshield protection films create a hazy appearance, making it more difficult to see clearly when you drive. Additionally, windshield protection film will eventually need to be removed and reapplied. The exact timeline depends on many factors, but generally they only last two to three years.

In the Texas heat, these films typically suffer from delamination, meaning that the layers start to split apart, which causes visual obstructions and makes the film less effective. So, you’ll probably have to replace it more often, sometimes even every year. All things considered, windshield protection film may be beneficial for many drivers looking for additional security for their windshields, but make sure you know the pros and cons. If you need frequent windshield repair, it might be worth it. Otherwise, the cost and hassle may outweigh the value.

Installing Windshield Protection Film to Prevent Frequent Windshield Repair

Installing windshield protection film can be a simple process or it might require some professional assistance. Before buying the film for your car, know what the installation requirements are and whether you’ll need someone to apply it for you. If you choose the DIY route, here are some of the basic steps you may need to follow:

  1. Get windshield repair or replacement for any existing damage
  2. Cut the film to fit your windshield, leaving at least one inch of room on all sides
  3. Thoroughly clean your windshield with an auto glass cleaner
  4. Allow the windshield to dry thoroughly
  5. Spray the adhesive liquid on the windshield so the entire surface is wet
  6. Apply the film to the glass and firmly press out any air bubbles

Removing Windshield Protection Film

There are times where you need to remove film from your windshield. One reason is if you need to replace it with a new piece because it’s worn or damaged. Another reason you will need to remove and replace it is if you need auto glass repair. If there’s damage on your windshield, then the windshield repair technician will need to be able to access the chip or crack, so you’ll need to get rid of the film and reapply later if you want to. In either case, it’s important to know how to remove it from your car. Here are some steps:

  1. Lift up the corner edge of the film, using a razor blade if necessary to push the edge upward
  2. Pull the film upward with steady, firm pressure
  3. Finish up by cleaning the glass with an auto glass cleaner

Top Quality Auto Glass Repair from Joey’s Glass

Windshield protection film may help prevent some windshield damages to reduce how much you spend on windshield repair. However, it won’t replace the need for your favorite auto glass company in Dayton, TX. Our team at Joey’s Glass is always here to help you keep your glass in great shape. We offer comprehensive repair and replacement services for windshields, auto glass, as well as your residential and commercial glass. Trust our experts to provide you with everything you need to restore your windshield to perfect condition. Get in touch now to get a free quote!