Baytown Windshield Repair for Auto Glass Scratches

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Old wiper blades? This can leave scratches in the glass that require Baytown windshield repair services.

A scratched windshield is an eyesore and a potential driving hazard. Therefore, you need Baytown windshield repair as soon as possible for scratches. Scratched windshields are common, but can be frustrating. Rather than risk an accident because you can’t see properly out of your scratched windshield, it’s better to schedule repair as quickly as possible.

Why Get Baytown Windshield Repair for Scratches?

If you see scratches on your windshield, why get auto glass repair in Baytown? Many people ask this, especially for superficial scratches. While they may seem like no big deal, there are several reasons it’s better to seek repair sooner rather than later. 

A scratched windshield can affect your visibility while driving. This is especially true if the scratches are on the driver’s side. However, scratches anywhere in your auto glass may affect your ability to see road conditions and hazards. Also, even light scratches can catch and reflect light from the sun and headlights. This can create a glare that makes it difficult to see. Finally, scratches can become worse over time. Surface scratches can get deeper, get filled with dirt and debris, and can even lead to large cracks. Therefore, quick Baytown windshield repair may save you from an accident and may also save you money in later repairs and replacements.

When Do I Need Professional Auto Glass Repair in Baytown for a Scratched Windshield?

How do you tell if you need Baytown windshield repair? A good rule of thumb is to address any visible signs of damage, no matter how small or insignificant they seem. For example, even the smallest scratch or chip can affect the structural integrity of the glass. As we’ve mentioned, they can also affect your visibility and ability to drive safely. If you notice a scratch, it’s better to schedule repair as soon as possible. The longer you wait to address the scratch, the riskier it becomes to drive your vehicle. Quick repairs can also save you money by preventing the scratch from expanding or getting worse, which will require more complex repairs or even a brand new windshield.

What Causes Auto Glass Scratches?

Confused as to why you have scratches on your windshield? There are many different reasons you might have scratched auto glass. One of the most common causes is using your windshield wipers. Windshield wiper blades are made of rubber to help clear water from the windshield without scratching the glass. However, over time, this rubber degrades and must be replaced. If you use old or damaged windshield wiper blades, you’re risking windshield scratches. 

Also, using your windshield wipers when it’s not raining can also cause problems for the glass. On a dry day, turning on your wipers can actually cause friction between any dust or debris on your windshield and the glass surface. This can create a sandpaper effect, leaving behind a scratched windshield

Other common reasons you might need auto glass repair in Baytown for a scratched windshield is because of improper cleaning. Using cleaning solutions not designed for auto glass may leave behind scratches. Also, using abrasive cleaning tools like scrub brushes and scouring pads may also scratch the surface of your windshield. Therefore, make sure you use proper cleaning methods for your auto glass. 

How Does Professional Baytown Windshield Repair for Scratched Glass Work?

When you have scratches on your windshield, our Baytown windshield repair technicians will evaluate the damage. Then, we’ll recommend a course of action to help keep your car safe and secure. Deep scratches that you can feel in the surface of the glass may require repair with resins the same way we repair chips and cracks. If your windshield has a significant number of scratches or scratches in the driver’s line of sight, then we may recommend a replacement windshield. Multiple scratches may affect the structural integrity of the glass. Also, repairs may leave behind slight signs of repair that can be troublesome when they’re right in front of the driver’s eyes. 

What About Light Scratches?

However, what about light scratches? Generally speaking, a surface scratch is defined as a scratch that is about 50 microns or less deep. This means that if you run your fingernail across the scratch, you don’t feel it catch. Superficial scratches often repairable. Though, once again, it’s important to consider how many scratches there are and where they’re located in the glass. For light scratches, some people choose do-it-yourself repairs while others choose professional Baytown windshield repair. 

DIY Options

Many people try to repair windshield scratches on their own with scratch removal kits. However, it’s important to note that DIY options can cause more damage than you had before if you’re not sure what you’re doing. DIY kits often contain lightly abrasive products that help remove the scratched layer of the glass. Improper use can end up leaving more scratches than before. 

Professional Services

For professional auto glass repair in Baytown, our professionals use cutting-edge methods to repair windshield scratches. For surface scratches, we can often polish them away using professional polishing tools and a metallic compound called cerium oxide, which helps remove an ultra thin layer of glass to reveal the unscratched layer underneath. In other cases, we may use an acrylic scratch remover or even seal the scratches with industry-approved resins to bond the glass together, depending on the depth and severity of the scratch. 

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