Baytown Window Repair: Window Leaks When it Rains

Window during rain storm needs Baytown window repair

Have you noticed your windows leaking when it rains? Window leaks are common, but need fast Baytown window repair from a trusted professional. Windows stop water, debris, and other things from entering your home. However, you might notice water leaks around the frames during the rain if you have damaged or faulty windows. Knowing the possible causes of leaking windows and the repairs available is important. That way, you can effectively and knowledgeably discuss your issue with an expert who comes to repair your leaking windows. 

Common Causes of Leaking Windows & Why They Need Baytown Window Repair 

Window during rain storm needs Baytown window repair
Baytown window repair can help address windows that leak when it rains.

Leaking windows can cause severe damage to your home if not detected on time. There are several reasons why your windows could be leaking, including the following: 

Missing or Improper Sealant 

One of the main reasons for Baytown window repair is a bad seal. This can include missing seals, incorrect seals, or even worn caulk due to improper maintenance. Caulking is the most overlooked cause of many window leaks when it rains. 

You should replace any old and damaged caulking around your window’s exterior to prevent moisture and air from getting into cracks around the windows. A proper sealant prevents window leaks and helps keep heat and air conditioning bills lower in winter or summer. 

Bad Angles Due to Poor House Design 

Your window leaks might not be an issue with the window or the frame at all. In fact, it may be due to shoddy design or workmanship when building your house. If the angles in your house aren’t straight or if the windows lack overhangs to help direct rain away from the windows, they might leak. 

The main struggle against water intrusion is ensuring the water doesn’t reach the windows in the first place, hence the overhangs above the windows. Without overhangs, water gets directed toward the windows and cause leaks. Also, if nothing in your house is straight and your windows need relatively straight angles and walls, then they may not fit properly and lead to leaks.

Poor Glass Seal 

Another common Baytown window repair is the glass seal repair. If you notice leaks between the window glass panes, there’s a high chance that the glass seal has worn out. Even though having a poor or worn-out glass seal doesn’t always mean that you’re experiencing water leakages, your windows are not properly insulated, and that could result in window leaks when it rains. 

Poor Installation 

Investing in energy-efficient and sturdy windows is not enough to prevent water from getting into your home. If your contractor doesn’t install the windows correctly, they could let water into your house during heavy rain. One of the main installation mistakes is using a house wrap instead of window flashing to manage rainwater flow. 

Baytown Window Repair: Common Repairs for Leaking Windows 

Baytown, Texas, receives more than the average rainfall per year in the US, and you cannot ignore the fact that you might need Baytown glass repair services at one time or another. Some of the common repairs for leaking windows include: 

Replacing Damaged Glass 

Besides chipped or cracked glass windows looking unattractive, damaged glass can also be the reason for your leaking windows when it rains. Consider replacing the cracked glass with weather-resistant glass that will keep rainwater away from your home and protect it from other elements, such as dust and dirt. 

Replacing the Window Caulking for Baytown Window Repair

Before proceeding to other window repairs on a leaking window, it’s important to identify whether the window caulk is worn out. Remove the worn-out caulk and add a new one to prevent any possible leaks that might otherwise occur even after the window fixes or repairs. Caulk seals the small space between the window and its frame to protect the window. 

Replacing the Weather Stripping 

If you have an older window, the wear and tear of the weather stripping can be why your window is leaking. The best way to have your leaking window fixed is to replace the weather stripping before it causes more damage. 

You also need to understand the kind of window you have to identify the weather stripping. Sliding windows have their weather-stripping component inside the window frame. Single-hung windows have it in the frame where you can lift it. 

Replacing the Window

Many homeowners do not realize that most window leaks during rains are often caused by poorly installed windows. If your window has been poorly installed, leaks can cause significant damage to your window and home. The best solution is to replace it altogether if this is the case. Repairing one part of the window when you need a replacement can leave the main problem unaddressed, causing the need for more structural repairs in the future. 

Why Choose Professional Baytown Window Repair From an Experienced Glass Company? 

If you think that your windows need immediate repair services, it’s best to choose professional assistance from an experienced glass company, and here’s why: 

  • An experienced glass company will inspect your windows and advise you on the best solution for your issue, whether you need a simple fix or a replacement.
  • Top glass or window repair companies are certified, licensed, and insured, meaning you’ll enjoy fully insured glass repair and window repair services within your budget. 
  • An experienced glass company provides safe and secure repair services. You don’t have to worry about your family and property’s safety when working with someone with experience in what they’re doing. 

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