Baytown Window Repair: Drafty Windows

Kitchen window that needs Baytown window repair for drafts.

Drafty windows lead to an uncomfortable home and high utility bills. After a long day, homeowners should come home to a cozy respite, not an evening feeling breezes in their home. So, today the team at Joey’s Glass is here to explain how Baytown homeowners can be proactive to prevent heat and cooling loss in their homes. Contact us for fast Baytown window repair services if you have drafty windows. Get in touch to request a quote!

Read on to learn more about drafty windows and how to repair them.

Signs You Need Baytown Window Repair for Drafty Windows

Kitchen window that needs Baytown window repair for drafts.
Baytown window repair helps you address drafts in your home.

The first sign you have drafty windows is a temperature difference near windows and exterior walls. If the core of your home is the right temperature, but the exterior walls with windows are not, you may need Baytown window repairs. 

Furthermore, if you feel a breeze in the home when no fans are running, that’s another sign you may need help from a Baytown glass company. To be sure, try the draft test.

Try the Draft Test for Drafty Windows

You might have one drafty window or many. How can you be sure which windows need repair? Try the draft test. It’s easy!

Here’s how:

  • Grab a candle or stick of incense and light it.
  • Visit each window and watch the smoke or flame closely.
  • If it tilts inwards or goes anywhere other than straight up, you have a drafty window. 
  • Visit every window in your home. 
  • If you have many windows, be sure to mark the drafty ones. You could tie that curtain in a knot or smudge a little lipstick in the corner of the glass. It will wash off.

Next, you can fix the problem or reach out to a Baytown window repair company, like Joey’s Glass. Our team is standing by to help Baytown homeowners fight that nasty draft.

Baytown Window Repair Solutions for Drafty Windows

The solution for your drafty windows depends on the cause. There are DIY solutions you can try, but there are some instances where you’ll need professional Baytown residential glass repair.

Check for Missing or Damaged Weather Stripping Around Windows

This is a minor repair most homeowners can handle themselves.

Weather stripping is usually made of rubber, and it’s designed to seal areas around your windows and doors to diminish the draft. If you don’t have any weather stripping around your windows, you should add it. If you have weather stripping, but it’s old, cracking or damaged, it’s time to replace it.

You can buy weather stripping at practically any hardware store or home improvement store. 

It’s relatively easy to use. Check out this “How to Install Weather Stripping for Dummies video for exact instructions on installing weather stirpping around your windows.

If your weather stripping is there and in great shape, you may need professional Baytown residential window repairs.

Baytown Window Repair for Loose Glass Panes

If the drafts are coming from loose window panes, you need professional help. Our professionals can re-glaze the windows. In short, we can reinstall the same glass with new putty to create a tighter fit and reduce the drafts. This is an affordable and appropriate repair that can stop drafts in their tracks.

Caulk Your Windows

Sometimes all the window needs is a little caulk, which is another job most homeowners can handle themselves. Caulk seals the edges of the window, so they’re not drafty. However, the caulk wears out over time and may need removal and replacement with new caulk. Again, you can buy caulk and a caulking gun at any hardware store. 

Add Storm Windows

Some windows are drafty because they’re too old and aren’t as efficient as more modern options. However, you might not be ready to replace your windows with new ones yet. In these cases, adding storm windows can help seal off drafts and add an extra layer of protection against the elements. 

Many older homes use storm windows for extra insulation. They’re also really popular on the exterior of your windows in case of storms that can break the glass. Rather than fixing your home’s windows every time a hurricane occurs, you can simply replace the glass in the storm window, which is usually cheaper. So, it may kill two birds with one stone to install storm windows for drafts. 

Replace the Windows

Another option if old windows are drafty is replacing them with newer, more efficient options. In these cases, rather than spend money on Baytown window repair, it might be better to retire your old windows if they’re at the end of their expected life span. Newer windows offer better technology for sealing and insulation to prevent drafts and also reduce how much energy you use for heating and cooling. 

What if My Home Seems Hot/Cold, but My Windows Aren’t Drafty?

If you try the draft test and cannot discover a drafty window, you might have an issue with your HVAC system or your thermostat. If the HVAC system is malfunctioning, then you’ll probably have a hard time controlling the temperature in your home. In the same vein, if the thermostat is faulty or broken, then it won’t tell the HVAC system what to do to keep your home at the preferred temperature. A professional contractor should repair either issue. 

Why Should Homeowners Address a Drafty Home Quickly?

A drafty home means you’ll spend more money on utilities than you should. If you’re particularly green-minded, it also means you’re using more electricity or natural gas than you should. Drafty windows are bad for the environment and bad for your budget! 

Contact Joey’s Glass for Baytown Window Repairs & Replacement

At Joey’s Glass, we’re your glass company for life. We’re here to help you find effective and affordable solutions for all your glass needs. If you have drafty windows, we can find the cause and offer Baytown window repair to stop the problem. We also offer glass services for your car and business for total solutions under one roof. 

Remember, drafty windows do more than make your home uncomfortable. They cost you money and affect our environment. Be proactive. Contact us now for a free quote!