Auto Glass Repair in Baytown: Mirrors

Side mirror after auto glass repair in Baytown

Side and rearview mirrors are integral to your safety and that of your passengers and other road users. These mirrors act as an additional set of eyes, allowing you to have a wider view of all areas around your vehicle as you drive. Damaged auto mirrors can result in an incorrect view of vehicles, pedestrians, and objects, ultimately increasing the risk of road accidents. If your car’s mirrors are cracked, chipped, or shattered, you need auto glass repair in Baytown immediately. 

Joey’s Glass Company is the leading provider of auto glass repair in Baytown, offering durable, long-lasting repairs and replacement of all auto glass from side mirrors, rearview mirrors, and passenger windows to windshields. We have been proudly serving Baytown for five decades now. For quality service and quick mirror repairs, contact us today to get a free quote from our experts.

Why Get Auto Glass Repair in Baytown for Mirrors?

Side mirror after auto glass repair in Baytown
Get auto glass repair in Baytown ASAP for damaged mirrors to keep your car safe.

Side mirrors and rearview mirrors lend visibility to major blind spots behind and to each side of the vehicle. Driving with damaged mirrors is not only dangerous, but it is also illegal in Texas. The following are the top reasons to get auto glass repair in Baytown today:

  • Improved safety: As mentioned earlier, driving with damaged, broken side and rearview mirrors is dangerous. Damaged auto mirrors obstruct your vision, making it difficult to see any vehicles or pedestrians around you. This poses a great risk, especially when backing out, changing lanes, or making turns. Get repairs to make your mirrors safe again.
  • Compliance with the law: It is illegal to drive with damaged side and rearview mirrors in Baytown. The Texas Transportation Code 547.602 requires that a motor vehicle shall be equipped with at least one operable rearview mirror. The law also needs at least one operable side mirror that allows you to see at least 200 feet behind the car when you drive. So, you might get pulled over and receive a ticket for damaged or missing mirrors. Instead, get auto glass repair in Baytown as soon as you can.
  • Avoid harm from shattered glass: Damaged side and rearview mirrors create sharp glass shards that can hurt you. So, replace shattered auto mirrors with help from our team.

What Causes Damage to Side and Rear View Mirrors?

The following are some of the common causes of cracks in auto mirrors:

Flying debris: One of the leading causes of damage to mirrors is flying debris that hits the mirrors at high speeds while you drive. The force from such hits can crack or chip your mirrors depending on their severity. This means you will need auto glass repair in Baytown for your mirrors.

Parking: Pulling into or backing out of a tight parking spot is hazardous for your side mirrors. A driver who parks too close to you makes it difficult to get out of the space safely without any damage to your mirrors. Unfortunately, parking lots are a really common place to damage your side mirrors.

Washing: High power pressure washers can be dangerous to car mirrors. When these devices apply too much pressure, roller brushes and water can shatter the glass. Both automatic car washes and at home car washing can damage your mirrors. 

Overuse: Too much tinkering can result in damage to auto glass. Mirrors are powered by electrical mechanisms, and frequent adjusting can trigger the failure of the wiring and buttons. When the glass stops moving, you will resort to manual adjusting, which stresses parts and causes damage to mirrors.

Signs You Need Repairs for Your Car’s Mirrors

Any type of damage can affect visibility through mirrors. It is crucial, therefore, to get a repair for any damage. The following are some of the signs you need auto glass repair in Baytown:

  • Cracks, shatters, and chips
  • Poor visibility
  • Discoloration
  • Swirling or cloudy glass
  • A reflective surface is missing chunks. 

How Auto Glass Repair in Baytown Works for Car Mirrors

Typically, Baytown glass repair for car mirrors involves replacing them with new parts.  Our highly experienced technical team can just replace the damaged mirror portion without needing to replace the entire housing for the side mirror or rear view mirror. This involves carefully removing the damaged mirror and then installing a new piece.  

Get Expert Baytown Glass Repair from Joey’s Glass

Your car’s side and rearview mirrors play a vital role in keeping you safe on the road. When something damages these mirrors, an immediate auto glass repair in Bayton is necessary so you can drive safely and minimize the risks of accidents. Joey’s Glass offers comprehensive services for home, auto, and commercial glass, including repairs, replacements, and installations. Whether you need side mirror replacement or Baytown windshield repair, we have solutions for you. We are Baytown’s oldest full-service glass company and have been family owned and operated since 1973. Our goal is to provide Baytown with quality, affordable glass solutions. Contact us today for a free quote.