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Broken glass block? Act fast with Baytown glass repair for your window.

If you have a broken glass block window, also known as glass brick windows, you’ll need Baytown glass repair to protect your home. Cracked or broken block windows can open your home up to air leaks, water damage, pests, and even burglary. Therefore, make sure you get your windows repaired as soon as possible. 

Cracked or Broken Glass Block Windows?

Whether the glass block is chipped, cracked, or completely smashed, it’s time to opt for Baytown window repair. Your windows are there to help keep your home safe, dry, and comfortable. 

Now, obviously if a block in your window is completely shattered, you know it’s time for repair. However, even chips and cracks can pose a threat to your home and family!

Chipped or cracked glass block windows don’t just look bad, they can affect the structural integrity of your window. Each block works to support the others, and help keep out wind, rain, dirt, bugs, and other unwanted intruders. So, you’ll want to get Baytown glass repair as soon as possible. 

Luckily, repairing glass block windows is an option – you don’t need to replace the entire window!

Baytown Glass Repair Options for Block Windows

When it comes to Baytown glass repair for block windows, there are two options: do-it-yourself or professional. However, DIY can be tricky for this type of repair, so you may want to save yourself the time, hassle, and potential extra money you’ll spend on fixing mistakes. Also, it’s important to note that it can be dangerous because broken glass can cause you injury. 

DIY Glass Repair

If you want to go the do-it-yourself route, then you’ll need some supplies. First, you’ll need to get a replacement block from your Baytown glass company. So, start by measuring the block. You’ll also need to make sure it’s the same style. Otherwise, it can detract from the beauty of your window. 

You’ll also need to gather some tools. First, you’ll need some safety equipment, including a pair of heavy-duty work gloves, eye protection, and clothing that covers your arms and legs. This is to help avoid injury from broken glass. Also, you’ll need some specialized tools, like:

  • Rubber mallet
  • Chisel and hammer
  • Furnace duct tape
  • Vacuum
  • Trowel

Start by placing the furnace duct tape over both sides of the block you’ll need to replace. Then, tape the block with the rubber mallet until the glass breaks. Some of the shards will stick to the tape and others you’ll need to vacuum away. 

Next, you’ll need to use the chisel to remove the old mortar. However, this can be difficult, as you could end up damaging the other blocks in the window. This is one of the reasons many homeowners choose professional Baytown glass repair for broken glass block windows.

After removing the mortar, mix up some pre-mixed mortar until it’s the consistency of bread dough. Spread it on with a trowel, matching the thickness of the old mortar. Once again, this can be tricky. Too much mortar will make the replacement block stand out and look inconsistent with the rest of the window. Too little and it may not seal effectively. 

Once you’ve spread the mortar, slide the new block into place and allow the mortar to dry. Once you’re done, you can wipe away any excess mortar with a damp cloth. 

Advantages of Professional Baytown Glass Repair

Now, we understand that do-it-yourself repairs can feel rewarding, but there are some major benefits of choosing professional Baytown glass repair from an experienced technician.

Professional repair can help save you the time and hassle of DIY repairs. Also, many people who try DIY block window repair end up damaging the surrounding blocks. This often ends in you spending more money to fix the mistakes. 

In addition, having a glass specialist repair your window means you have peace of mind that the repair is done right. Unsuccessful repairs might reduce energy efficiency by letting air in and can even leave gaps for water leaks that can damage your home. 

Also, in some cases, replacing one single block may not completely fix the problem. More on this later, but sometimes replacing one piece of glass doesn’t address the source of the problem.

Finally, with professional repair, you can rest assured that your window will look great, as glass experts have experience with these types of repairs. 

Why do Glass Block Windows Break?

As we mentioned earlier, there are several reasons why your glass block windows can break. Some of these make Baytown glass repair pretty straightforward. However, in other cases there are more severe issues that a professional should address.


Force is a common reason why you might have a chipped, cracked, or broken block window. For example, if you hit a baseball through your window. Usually if this is the issue, then you’ll just need to replace the damaged block. 

Lack of Expansion Joints

One issue that can cause your glass block windows to break is a lack of expansion joints. This usually comes down to how your window was originally installed, but sometimes it can take a while, even years, to notice issues and breakage from this. 

Your windows expand and contract with the temperature. When it’s warm, they’ll expand slightly, and when it’s cold they’ll contract slightly. An expansion joint is there to help allow your windows to go through this process. However, if your window doesn’t have this joint, then it puts a lot of pressure and stress on each glass brick. Eventually, this can lead to damage that requires professional Baytown glass repair or even a whole window replacement to fix. 

Corroded Metal Supports

Also, many glass block windows use metal bands to help support the blocks. Over time, these bands can start to corrode, especially if they weren’t galvanized (a process to help prevent rust and corrosion). If you have corroded metal supports in your glass block window, then each block ends up taking a lot more pressure than it did when it was first installed, which can cause breakage. Once again, this usually requires expert Baytown window repair or even full replacement to protect your home.

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