Baytown Auto Glass Repair for Panoramic Sunroof

people driving with panoramic sunroof that needs Baytown auto glass repair

A panoramic sunroof in your car is a great way to get the convertible experience without sacrificing a roof structure. By opening a panoramic roof, you can feel the open air as you drive. Many find this exhilarating and cooling when they’re in the car. However, if your panoramic sunroof gets cracked or damaged, it can potentially lead to a hazardous driving situation. That’s why you need Baytown auto glass repair services straight away if you notice any damage in your sunroof. 

What Is A Panoramic Sunroof?

A sunroof is a piece of glass mounted to the roof of a car. It lets in light and air into the car’s cabin. Sunroofs come in different sizes and types, including panoramic. A panoramic sunroof covers the vast majority of the car’s roof. In some cases, like with the Tesla Model X, a vehicle can even have an entire glass roof. These types of roofs are gaining popularity for many car manufacturers. 

Panoramic sunroofs are typically made of either tempered glass or laminated glass. The vast majority use tempered glass. Fabricating tempered glass involves taking pre-cut glass and heating it to approximately 1200°F in a furnace and rapidly cooling it. This makes it stronger than normal, untreated glass.

Laminated glass consists of two or more panes of glass with a layer of vinyl resin between each. This helps the panes stick together in case one shatters.

Despite being stronger than regular glass, tempered glass can still break. Tempered glass breaks into tiny pieces to reduce the risk of cutting someone. Any damage to a panoramic sunroof weakens its structural integrity and increases the risk of a catastrophic failure. Also, because of the size of panoramic sunroofs, if they shatter, they can cover virtually the entire inside of a car with bits of glass.

Laminated glass can also break, but the glass pieces will stick together. Usually, this type of glass cracks into a spider web pattern. However, with enough force, laminated glass can shatter into large shards. They won’t be as sharp as regular glass shards, but they are still capable of injuring someone if they fall into a vehicle. 

Why Get Baytown Auto Glass Repair for Damaged Panoramic Sunroofs

people driving with panoramic sunroof that needs Baytown auto glass repair
If your panoramic sunroof is damaged, you need Baytown auto glass repair services ASAP.

The biggest danger of a damaged panoramic sunroof is the potential for it to break while you’re driving. This typically occurs when there’s already damage and a bump on the road makes it worse. Therefore, it’s important to get Baytown glass repair to keep your car safe. 

A cracked or broken sunroof allows moisture or debris into your car. It’s like leaving your side windows open. However, because a panoramic sunroof sits directly above your car, you might find more moisture gets inside. The presence of moisture in your car will lead to mold damage in your upholstery and water damage to any expensive electronic components.

Dirt, dust, leaves, and pebbles can also make their way into your car, pelting you while you’re driving or simply making a mess of your interior. With a broken sunroof, you might even notice insects and small critters make themselves at home in your car.

The tiny bits of tempered glass that a sunroof can shatter into are also extremely difficult to clean up without completely detailing your car’s interior. They can get into small crevices and spaces that are difficult to reach. Sitting or stepping on small bits of glass as you drive or ride in a car is far from pleasant or safe.

What To Do If Your Panoramic Sunroof Is Damaged

Fortunately, sunroof damage isn’t very common. However, if you notice any cracking or chipping in your panoramic sunroof, you need Baytown auto glass repair as soon as possible. In the meantime, you can temporarily patch the damaged sunroof with a piece of stiff cardboard attached to the interior of the car’s roof and covered with a plastic sheet.

If you have a garage, try to keep your car in it when you aren’t driving it. When you do drive, do your best to avoid driving your car at high speeds with a damaged sunroof. The pressure will only cause the damage to worsen and potentially shatter or chipped the glass.

Baytown Auto Glass Repair for a Panoramic Sunroof

The method for fixing a damaged panoramic sunroof depends on what type of glass it is. If the sunroof uses laminated glass, it’s possible to repair it by filling the cracked or broken area with a special resin to help hold the panes of glass together. However, if the sunroof uses tempered glass, it will need to be entirely replaced. Fortunately, Joey’s Glass can assist with both repair and replacement for the best possible Baytown auto glass repair.

The cost of fixing a sunroof also depends on how extensive the repair has to be or whether the whole pane of glass needs replacement. A quality auto glass company can perform the repairs for a good price while still maintaining high standards, ensuring your safety, and preserving the aesthetic appearance of your car.

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