Do I Need Baytown Window Repair or Window Replacement?

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Baytown window repair helps protect your home from leaks, drafts, and other issues.

If you notice issues with your windows, you might wonder if Baytown window repair or replacement is better. This all depends on the condition of your windows. Window repair can help save you on upfront costs. However, in other cases, it may be better to replace your window entirely. 

When to Choose Baytown Window Repair

Baytown window repair for individual glass panes is generally less expensive than window replacement, but many homeowners don’t realize this is an option!

Your Baytown glass company can often repair small problems with your windows if the frames are still in good condition. Repairing a window generally involves taking out the damaged piece of glass and replacing it with a brand new one. In some cases, you may also need to re-caulk around your window to help fix problems. 

When you need to replace a window pane, your glass specialist  will need to remove the damaged glass. Depending on the type of window you have, the price of the replacement glass may be more or less. For example, if you have double pane windows, then you’ll likely need to replace the glass with an insulated glass unit. Also known as IGUs, these replacements have two pieces of glass that are separated and filled with gas that helps insulate the window. However, if you have single pane windows in your home, then it’s usually a matter of just making sure the glass is the right size.

When you need Baytown window repair, it’s important to replace the glass panes with the same type of glass as the original. This helps not only with the look of your windows, but also helps you keep your home energy efficient. For example, while a piece of single pane window glass may be less expensive than an IGU, you may pay for it in the long-run because it may not insulate your home as well. 

It’s also important to note that replacing glass panes may void the warranty on your windows. So, check for warranty details before scheduling any repairs. 

Signs You Need Baytown Window Repair

When do you need repair instead of replace your windows? For the most part, if your windows are newer and in good condition, then repair may be an option. Good quality windows can last between 15 and 20 years, so unless they’re nearing the end of their expected life, then repair may be a great, budget-friendly option, as long as the structure of the window is good. 

You might consider Baytown window repair if:

  • Individual window panes are cracked or broken
  • Scratched window panes
  • Window caulking is worn or peeling
  • Worn, cracked, or damaged weather stripping

In these cases, then it’s often faster and more cost-effective to simply opt for window maintenance or repairs. Our glass specialists are here to help you protect your home when you have window issues.

Many glass companies will offer repairs for other issues, too, such as foggy windows. However, these are often temporary fixes and will return eventually. For windows with fog between the panes, this usually means the seal is broken. In these cases, it’s usually better to simply replace the window. However, if you need a temporary situation until you can conveniently replace the windows, our technicians can help you look at your options. 

Window Replacement May be a Better Option

Sometimes it’s better to bite the bullet and invest in replacement windows. Naturally, replacing the whole window is a more expensive option, but can save you in the long-run. Newer windows generally offer better technology to help with energy efficiency or even better locks for increased security. So, if these are some things you’re concerned about, it might make sense to look at new windows for your home. 

New, more efficient windows can help insulate your home better, which can add up to some major savings for your heating and cooling costs. Therefore, many homeowners decide to replace their older windows to take advantage of these cost savings. 

Also, new windows can help add curb appeal, which may help if you’re trying to sell your home. Older windows can make your house look older and less attractive, especially if they look worn. Therefore, you might choose to replace windows to help with resale interest and value.

Another thing to keep in mind is the expected life of the window. Most last around 15-20 years if well-maintained. So, if your windows are about 10 years old when you notice issues, it might be better in the long-run to replace the window. 

Signs You Need Window Replacement

There are also several issues with windows that simply can’t be repaired and will need to be replaced. Any time the structure or frame of the window is in poor condition, that’s a sign you need new windows instead of Baytown window repair. 

Some signs you may need new windows include:

  • Window leaks
  • Sudden and significant increase in heating and cooling costs
  • Condensation between window panes
  • Damaged dividers between glass panes
  • Cracked or damaged window frames
  • Loose or cracked window sashes
  • Wood rot on wooden window frames
  • Drafty windows

All these issues are generally signs that the window has failed, which means window pane replacement likely won’t help. In these cases, your Baytown glass company recommends replacing them with new windows. 

How to Do a Window Draft Test

You may have noticed that we listed “drafty windows” as a sign you need to replace new windows. However, how can you really tell whether that draft is coming from your windows or somewhere else? Doing a quick window draft test can help.

Here’s how to test if your windows are drafty:

  1. Turn off the A/C and fans in your home
  2. Close all the doors and windows
  3. Light a candle
  4. Move the candle near the window and all around the seams of the window (just be careful not to get too close!)

If the candle’s flame stays fairly straight during the test, then you’ll need to look elsewhere for the draft. However, if it starts to bend or move, then your windows are likely drafty. As a temporary solution, you may be able to re-caulk or apply weather stripping, but in most cases you’ll need to replace the window.

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