The Difference Between Regular and Security Glass

Commercial security glass in a Baytown building protecting an employee
Commercial security glass in a Baytown building protecting an employee
Commercial security glass gives Baytown businesses peace of mind that their employees and property are secure.

Finding ways to protect your commercial building, equipment, and occupants is a top priority for many business owners. Using regular glass versus security glass in windows and doors for commercial buildings can make a significant difference in building safety. 

Security glass offers added levels of protection that eliminate vulnerabilities associated with traditional commercial glass for buildings in Baytown. In this post, we’ll explore what sets apart security glass from standard glass to help you understand why investing in a higher level of quality matters. To get a quote for commercial glass for your Baytown building, contact us today

An Overview of Regular Glass Vs. Security Glass

As a Baytown business owner, one of the main concerns you might have is the safety and security of your commercial building. That’s why choosing the right type of glass is crucial. 

Regular glass is great for everyday use, but when it comes to security, it’s best to opt for security glass. Unlike regular glass, security glass is designed to withstand forces, such as impacts or bullets, without shattering into dangerous shards. 

Standard glass is relatively affordable and easy to install. However, security glass offers significantly more protection against break-ins and other threats, which can give you peace of mind. While security glass typically costs more to install compared to regular glass, the investment may be well worth it in terms of increased safety.

This type of glass is ideal for Baytown commercial buildings because not only does it provide extra protection for your business, but it also plays a role in deterring potential intruders. So if you’re looking to keep your Baytown commercial building safe and secure, investing in security glass is the way to go.

The Safety Benefits of Laminated Security Glass for Baytown Commercial Buildings

Security glass is a game changer when it comes to ensuring the safety of buildings. This specially designed type of glass provides extra protection from potential threats such as break-ins, vandalism, and even natural disasters. 

Security glass is much more robust and sturdy than regular glass, making it nearly impossible to break through. What makes this type of glass so secure? Well, this type of glass is laminated, meaning it is created by bonding multiple layers of glass together with a special adhesive material that allows it to withstand blunt force impacts. When the glass is hit hard enough, instead of breaking into sharp pieces onto the floor, it resists the impact. If it does break, it shatters into small granular chunks that can stay intact in a single flexible sheet. This means that even if someone tries to forcefully enter a building, they won’t be able to breach the security glass and gain unauthorized entry. 

Additionally, security glass provides an extra layer of protection against possible damage from flying debris during natural disasters such as hurricanes and tornadoes. With security glass, you can feel confident that your business is well-protected and secure against any potential threats.

Types of Buildings That Could Use Security Glass

When it comes to protecting buildings from potential break-ins or damage, security glass is a smart investment. Generally speaking, any building or structure that requires heightened security measures would benefit from security glass. This could include:

  • Retail shops with a glass storefront
  • Financial institutions
  • Medical clinics
  • Schools or colleges
  • Government buildings
  • Businesses that deal in high-value merchandise
  • Hospitals
  • Museums

No matter the application, security glass is a wise choice for those looking to safeguard their commercial property and assets.

Maintain Security Glass for Optimal Safety

Proper maintenance is crucial for ensuring that security glass continues to do its job of protecting everyone inside a building. Properly installed glass is the first important step—experienced commercial glass installers in Baytown will make sure the glass is securely anchored into place. After installation, regularly checking the glass for any cracks or chips is critical to preventing it from weakening over time. By taking the necessary steps to properly install and maintain security glass, you can help protect your property and ensure the safety of those inside.

Quality Commercial Glass Options in Baytown

When it comes to installing top-quality glass, Joey’s Glass is always ready and willing to help. We understand that security glass is an important consideration when it comes to commercial buildings, as extra protection helps ensure the safety of your business and employees. 

Our experienced team at Joey’s Glass can inspect your commercial building and help you determine the best type of glass for your needs. With our years of experience and knowledge in the field of commercial glass service, we’re confident that we can provide you with excellent products and services alike. Don’t hesitate to contact us for a quote—we are here to answer any questions you may have!