What to Do If You See Condensation Inside Double Pane Windows

Baytown window repair

Double pane windows can help keep your home comfortable and even lower your utility bills. Some of the benefits to these windows include noise reduction and better temperature control. If you notice condensation inside your windowpanes, they will likely need Baytown window repair or replacement. 

What Does Condensation Mean for my Double Pane Windows?

The hero of double pane windows is actually the gas trapped between the two layers of glass. The gas inside is what helps insulate your home. If you notice condensation in your windows, it means that the gas has likely leaked out and allowed outside air to infiltrate your windows. To fix this problem, you will need Baytown window repair or replacement.

What Causes Condensation in my Windows?

There are many things that can cause double pane windows to fail. Aside from cracks and other damage, pressure changes can negatively affect your windows. All of these circumstances can cause condensation to form inside your windows. Pressure changes from sun exposure and extreme temperature changes cause the glass to expand and contract, which can weaken the seal. Therefore, in order to prevent condensation, make sure to keep temperatures as consistent as possible inside your home to protect your windows. That way, you may not need Baytown glass repair for quite a while and can increase the life of your windows.

Will I need Baytown Window Repair or Replacement?

Typically, when your double pane windows fail, your Baytown window repair company will need to replace certain components of your window. The good news is, most of the time you won’t need an entire window replacement if you see condensation in your windows. As soon as you notice the problem, make sure to call your Baytown residential glass repair company so that they can take care of your windows before they get worse.

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