Bird Droppings Could Lead to Baytown Windshield Repair

bird droppings on windshield cause etching that need Baytown windshield repair

Bird poop on your car isn’t just annoying, it could cause damage that needs Baytown windshield repair! Bird droppings can etch into the glass, and without the right cleaning methods, you might end up scratching or otherwise damaging your auto glass. We’re here to help you avoid these issues and keep your auto glass in great condition. 

First, let’s talk about why bird poop is so harmful. Obviously it’s gross and can also carry diseases, but why might it damage your windshield? One of the main reasons is because it’s so acidic. Bird poop has a pH around 3.0, which is on the acidic side. For context, most acid rain is about 4.0 on the scale, so bird poop is more acidic than acid rain. The main reason is because bird droppings contain uric acid. Acids can start to corrode glass, leaving etching behind. 

Another issue is how most people clean bird droppings off of their car. Some people scrub hard until it’s all gone. This makes sense, as bird poop is pretty gross and you probably want it gone ASAP. However, this could end up scratching your windshield. Also, many birds eat things like pebbles, gravel, and even sand to help with their digestion. If you’re not careful, these could also scratch your glass while you’re cleaning bird droppings. 

Signs You Need Baytown Windshield Repair from Bird Droppings Etching the Glass

Now, in some cases, you might not catch the bird droppings in time to prevent windshield damage. If this is the case, it’s best to have an experienced auto glass technician take a look after you’ve cleaned off the droppings to assess the problem.

Here are some signs your windshield might be etched:

  • Cloudy glass that doesn’t get better with cleaning
  • Stains that don’t get better with cleaning

These can be signs that acid has damaged the glass layers of your windshield. You might also notice scratches in the glass if you didn’t clean the droppings from your windshield properly. In many cases, repair is an affordable option for these damages.

How to Repair an Etched Windshield from Bird Poop

bird droppings on windshield cause etching that need Baytown windshield repair
Bird droppings can etch glass and cause damage that needs Baytown windshield repair.

Baytown windshield repair for etched or scratched glass generally involves polishing. Essentially, we use specialized tools and abrasives to remove a very thin layer of the glass to help remove the scratches or etched areas. It’s important to have a trained professional do this, because improperly buffing your windshield can make the damage worse by scratching the glass. 

In some cases, polishing the windshield may not be an option. For example, if the etching or scratches are deep in the glass, it may be safer to replace it. A strong windshield is a necessary safety feature for your car, so it’s important for it to be structurally sound. Any time windshield damage significantly weakens the windshield, it’s likely time for a replacement. Fortunately, in most cases repair is an option, which is quicker and easier on your wallet.

Cleaning Bird Droppings Off Glass to Help Prevent Baytown Windshield Repair

One of the best ways to avoid auto glass repair in Baytown for bird dropping damage is to clean the windshield as soon as possible. This can help remove the acidic paste from the glass to stop any etching. The faster you clean it off, the quicker you neutralize acids to help protect your windshield. 

It’s also important to clean bird poop off properly to help avoid damage. For instance, you should never scrub your windshield, scrape off bird droppings, or use harsh chemicals on your windshield. Instead, there are several auto glass friendly options to get those gross droppings off your car.

Seltzer Water

Uric acid is pretty harsh stuff, and it doesn’t dissolve very well in plain water. However, carbonation can help not only soften the droppings, but neutralize the acids in the bird poop. Seltzer water is a great option for cleaning bird poop off your windshield. You can simply pour some on the area and allow it to sit for about five minutes. Afterwards, use a microfiber cloth to gently soak up and remove the bird droppings. 

As a quick note, remember we said seltzer water, not club soda or any other kind of soda. Club soda contains minerals that can leave behind a film on your auto glass. Other sodas contain high amounts of sugar that can do more harm than good for your glass. 

Also, try to always use a soft microfiber cloth on your glass to help prevent scratching that needs Baytown windshield repair to fix. Sponges, terry towels, brushes, and other similar tools are often too abrasive to use on your auto glass.


Another option for cleaning bird droppings off your windshield is WD-40. This is a common solvent that can help with many different things, including softening hardened bird poop on your windshield. Spray some of this on, let it sit, and use a microfiber cloth to help remove the droppings. Just keep in mind you’ll likely need to follow up with some auto glass cleaner to remove any residue from the WD-40.

Baking Soda and Water

Baking soda and water can also do the trick for bird droppings on your windshield. It’s also great because it has a higher pH, which can help neutralize the acids in bird poop. Adding a little bit of baking soda to some warm water can help you remove bird droppings from your windshield without scrubbing or scraping. 

Bird Poop Wipes

If it’s a really common problem for your car, then you might invest in products specifically to remove bird poop from your car. There are a few options out there, but most come in a wipe form that you can keep in your glovebox. However, if you find yourself going through a can of these frequently, it might be time to think about prevention. 

Prevent Bird Droppings On Your Car To Avoid Auto Glass Repair in Baytown

One way to help reduce the need for cleaning bird droppings off your windshield or repairing your windshield from bird poop damage is to stop it from happening in the first place. Now, obviously birds will go wherever they want to, so it’s not a matter of putting a sign on your car asking them politely. Sometimes it’s also unavoidable. However, you can try a few things to help reduce the amount of bird poop on your car, such as:

  • Use covered parking
  • Avoid parking under trees, power lines, and other perching spots
  • Use a car cover

If you’re really dedicated, you might even consider the color of your car. One study in the U.K. found that birds poop more frequently on red cars, followed by blue and black. Green cars were the least likely to be targeted. Though, painting your car is a pretty drastic step and probably won’t stop birds from pooping on your car entirely. 

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