Baytown Windshield Repair: Avoid These Cleaning Products

woman cleaning windshield to avoid needing Baytown windshield repair

You may experience auto glass damage from time to time that requires Baytown windshield repair. It’s common to deal with small chips and cracks from things like flying rocks while driving. However, you might find yourself needing repairs more frequently if you don’t use the right methods for cleaning your car’s glass. Incorrect cleaning methods or using the wrong cleaning products and tools may lead to damage that requires repair or replacement to fix. Let’s discuss how to clean your auto glass to keep your windshields and windows in good condition. 

How Cleaning Can Lead to Baytown Windshield Repair

Cleaning is a good thing, but using the wrong products, methods, or tools can cause damage. Think about what might happen if you used strong acid cleaners on hardwood floors, or tried bleaching cleaners on your upholstered furniture. The thought is enough to make you cringe. Just like how harsh cleaners can ruin many surfaces in your home, there are many products that may harm your windshield, even to the point of needing Baytown windshield repair or replacement. 

woman cleaning windshield to avoid needing Baytown windshield repair
Cleaning auto glass incorrectly can lead to damage that requires Baytown windshield repair or replacement.

Improper auto glass cleaning can create many issues for your windshield. For one thing, the glass may not come clean or may end up streaked, both of which can affect your visibility while driving. This can be unsafe and increase your risk for a car accident. However, it’s also important to keep in mind that, even if the windshield looks clean, it could be damaged by bad auto glass cleaning habits. Incorrect cleaning can cause microscopic scratches on the windshield that build up over time. It can also weaken the areas around the windshield and make it more vulnerable to damage. If you’re not careful, improper cleaning methods for your windshield can also damage other areas of your car, like the paint or other parts. 

Damaging Tools that May Lead to Baytown Windshield Repair

One of the first things to think about when cleaning your windshield is the type of tools you should use. Using the wrong cleaning tools can cause damages that may lead to frequent Baytown windshield repair. For instance, it’s a common misconception that you can use sponges on auto glass. However, sponges are designed to scrub away tough dirt and grime. They may feel soft, but can actually be quite abrasive. The same is true of normal terry cloth towels and paper towels. 

Each of these cleaning tools can leave behind invisible scratches that weaken the glass and can build up over time. After you have many micro-scratches on your windshield, the glass may look hazy. When this happens, you may need Baytown windshield repair to buff out the scratches, or even potentially a completely new windshield. Therefore, make sure you use gentle, non-abrasive tools for cleaning auto glass. One good option is a soft microfiber cloth. Microfiber cloths are generally soft and gentle enough to use on most glass, whether your windshield or your home’s windows. Investing in good quality microfiber cloths may just save you from needing frequent Baytown glass repair services. 

Cleaning Solutions That Can Damage Auto Glass

Before you reach for just any glass cleaner or soap, keep in mind that many cleaning chemicals can also damage your auto glass. One really common cleaning ingredient to stay away from is ammonia. Many household glass cleaners use ammonia as a main ingredient. This is because it has great cleaning power and evaporates quickly to help reduce streaks. Ammonia-based glass cleaners may be fine for wiping down your bathroom mirror or the inside of your home’s windows from time to time. However, ammonia can cause major damage to your car. 

Ammonia can eat away at tint on your auto glass. This can make the tint look foggy or even faded. Also, ammonia can cause the tint to crack and peel away. Even if your windows and windshield aren’t tinted, ammonia can also damage other components of your car. For instance, ammonia can break down plastic, rubber, vinyl, and leather. Since you can find these throughout the inside and outside of your car, there’s a chance using traditional glass cleaners on your windshield could cause major damage throughout your vehicle. 

To avoid using ammonia on your windshield, shop for a glass cleaner specifically designed for your auto glass. Most automotive glass cleaners don’t use ammonia because of its potentially damaging effects on sensitive surfaces throughout your car. Instead, they typically use less harsh ingredients that still evaporate quite quickly, such as vinegar, alcohol, or specially formulated surfactants.

You can find auto glass cleaners in most automotive stores. However, if you’re having a tough time finding the right cleaning solutions, a 50-50 mix of water and regular white vinegar may do the trick. However, you will have to be careful because vinegar can eat through paint. That’s why we recommend getting an auto glass cleaner instead. 

How to Properly Clean Auto Glass to Avoid Baytown Windshield Repair

Now you know to use a soft microfiber cloth and an auto glass cleaner for your windshield and car windows, we have a few instructions for getting your glass sparkling clean. 

First, we recommend cleaning the rest of your car first. This helps stop you from accidentally spreading dirt and grime from other areas of the car to the windshield and other auto glass. Also, many of the products you might use on the body of your car can create overspray and leave spots on the windshield and windows. Detailing the glass last helps you avoid this. 

Also, try to clean your auto glass in the shade or in your garage. Direct sunlight can make the cleaner you use dry too quickly, leaving behind streaks and residue. 

When cleaning your auto glass, spray your cleaning solution directly onto the cloth. Spraying on the windshield can leave spots on the body of your car. Wipe down your windshield and windows with the wet side of the cloth, doing a little extra scrubbing anywhere you have extra grime, like bug splatters or tree sap. 

Next, flip your cloth over to the dry side and gently dry and buff the glass to remove any streaks or residue. This helps you get clean, streak-free auto glass. 

Clean Your Windshield Regularly for Safety and Maintenance

With so many things that could potentially go wrong, you might be tempted to simply not clean your windshield. However, this isn’t a good solution. Dirty windshields are difficult to see through and can make driving dangerous. Also, dirt and grime on your windshield can cause damage if ignored. Dirt and dust can act like sandpaper on the surface of your glass, leading to micro-scratches like the ones we discussed a little earlier. Other grime, such as tree sap and insect splatters, can be even harsher on the glass and lead to discoloration or corrosion. Therefore, we recommend cleaning your windshield and car windows regularly as part of preventative maintenance. 

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