Baytown Residential Glass Repair for Your Bathroom Mirror

scratched desilvered bathroom mirror needs Baytown residential glass repair

Is your bathroom mirror looking a little rough lately? You may need Baytown residential glass repair to keep it in great condition. 

Our bathroom mirrors are some of the most functional ones in our homes. It’s where we brush our teeth, style our hair, and give ourselves morning pep talks! A damaged mirror can be annoying, which is why it might be time for mirror repair or replacement.

scratched desilvered bathroom mirror needs Baytown residential glass repair
Baytown residential glass repair helps with desilvering, scratches, chips, and cracks in mirrors.

Three common types of mirror damage include:

  • Desilvering
  • Scratches
  • Chips and cracks

Fortunately, many of these damages can be repaired! 

Baytown Residential Glass Repair for De-Silvered Mirror

Desilvering is one of the most common issues we see with mirrors. If you’ve ever looked at an antique mirror, you might have noticed little black specks in the mirror. This is desilvering. 

Desilvering happens naturally over time as the reflective backing starts to deteriorate. Therefore, most old mirrors are going to have some desilvering. However, some things can speed up this process. 

Your bathroom mirror can be especially vulnerable to desilvering because of moisture. Just think of all the moisture it comes in contact with. It gets foggy after your morning shower and it might get accidentally splashed when you’re washing your hands. When moisture gets between the glass and the backing, it can cause desilvering for your bathroom mirror. 

Baytown residential glass repair for black spots in your mirror is possible, but it can be a lengthy process. Repairing a de-silvered mirror involves what’s called re-silvering. This process involves stripping the mirror of its backing and the reflective material (usually aluminum and silver) with special chemicals. Then, we clean the glass and reapply a new coating. This is followed up by adding another protective backing to protect the reflective coating. With each step, it’s important to let the coatings dry and cure before moving onto the next step, so it can take some time for mirror resilvering. 

Since resilvering can take so much time and labor, it can also be somewhat pricey. In many cases, people choose to replace their desilvered bathroom mirror instead of getting resilvering services. Some reasons you might consider resilvering is if the mirror is antique or it has some sort of sentimental value and the desilvering significantly impacts the look of the mirror. 

Preventing De-Silvering

Since Baytown residential glass repair for desilvered mirrors can be expensive and time-consuming, it’s often best to prevent desilvering in the first place. 

As we mentioned, this is a somewhat inevitable process, and it occurs naturally to mirrors over time. However, there are some things you can do to help slow the process for your bathroom mirrors. Most of this comes down to preventing moisture. 

First of all, if you have a mirror that is antique, high value, or sentimental, it’s probably best to find a different place for it than your bathroom. Bathrooms are a bit harsh on mirrors, so the best protection for irreplaceable ones is to keep them far, far away from the bathroom. 

Now, even non-antique mirrors can get expensive if you’re replacing them all the time because of desilvering, so we have a few tips for keeping your mirrors in great condition. 

One thing you can do to help reduce the risk of desilvering is to reduce moisture in your bathroom. For example, turn on the vent fan when you take a shower to help transport moisture away from your bathroom and your mirror. Also, take some time after each shower to wipe away any moisture or condensation you find on the mirror. The less time it’s on the mirror, the less damage it can inflict on the silver coating. 

In addition, try to avoid spraying mirror cleaners directly onto the mirror. Instead, spray it on the cloth you’re using and wipe that way. This can help stop moisture from cleaning products from getting into the backing. Be sure you’re also using the right cleaning products for mirrors to help reduce the risk of desilvering or other damages.

Baytown Residential Glass Repair for Scratched Bathroom Mirrors

If you have scratched mirrors, there are a few things you can try to repair them. Surface scratches on mirrors generally only affect the glass layer, not the silver layer. If this is the case, you may be able to polish the mirror to help your mirror look like new again. One thing you can try is a dry mustard and vinegar mixture. Mix about ½ a tablespoon of vinegar and dry mustard together, then rub it in circular motions with a cloth around the scratch on your mirror. Just be careful, what you’re basically doing is sanding the glass down to reduce the appearance of a scratch. Too much polishing can cause more damage to your mirror!

If the mustard and vinegar don’t do the trick, or you’re not comfortable with the risks of DIY mirror repair (such as with expensive or irreplaceable mirrors), then it might be time for Baytown residential glass repair. Generally, this involves polishing the glass surface with specialized chemicals and tools to help buff out the scratch in your mirror. 

Chipped or Cracked Mirror Baytown Residential Glass Repair

Chips or cracks in your bathroom mirror? Baytown residential glass repair may be able to save your mirror. This depends on how bad the damage is, but for minor damages, we may be able to fill the damage with a special resin to seal the glass. Now, this is mainly for minor surface damages. If the mirror is cracked in two or the chip goes all the way down to the silver backing, it’s probably safer and less expensive to simply replace the old damaged mirror. 

Mirror Replacement from your Baytown Glass Company

Now, in some cases your mirror might not be repairable. Or, often it’s more expensive to repair it than replace it with a new bathroom mirror. If this is the case (and it’s not an antique and doesn’t hold sentimental value), then replacement may be your best option.

Also, if your mirror does have sentimental or monetary value, it might be time to move it out of the bathroom to a safer area. Bathroom mirrors get a lot of use and come in contact with a lot of moisture, so they tend to wear out faster.

When you need a new bathroom mirror, there are many options to choose from. For example, you can choose from a huge range of shapes and sizes. Also, you can choose to have framed or frameless mirrors for your bathroom. If you’re not sure which mirrors will work best in your bathroom, our experts can help you sort through your options and pick the best one for your home. As a leading Baytown glass company, we can also install replacement mirrors in your home so you get peace of mind that it’s sturdy and safely in place. 

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