How to Adjust Baytown Commercial Glass Door

woman in front of Baytown commercial glass door
Make it easy for customers to open and close your Baytown commercial glass door by making adjustments as needed.

Storefront doors make an impression on your customers. If you have a Baytown commercial glass door, this means keeping the glass clean and also making sure the door works properly. Your aluminum and glass doors may need adjustments from time to time to help keep it working well for your employees and customers. Let’s talk about your building’s glass doors and making adjustments to them for optimal operation. 

Benefits of a Baytown Commercial Glass Door

There are many reasons to choose a glass storefront door for your business. These types of doors usually feature an aluminum frame with Baytown commercial glass in the middle. The glass lends a sophisticated look to your storefront.

Glass commercial doors allow customers a peek into your business, which can draw them in and get them to enter and make a purchase. Also, these doors let plenty of natural light in, which makes interiors brighter and more attractive. They also are incredibly easy to clean and maintain. Therefore, if you don’t already, consider installing glass commercial doors for your building. 

Signs You Need to Adjust Your Baytown Commercial Glass Door

Like other doors, your Baytown commercial glass doors may need adjustment from time to time. Over time, different components may come out of adjustment, which may cause issues with your commercial doors, particularly when opening or closing. Here are some signs you might need to adjust your glass commercial doors. 

The Door Swings Too Fast or Too Slow

The door swing speed is one of the most common issues with commercial doors. Whether too fast or too slow, you might need a door adjustment if the speed seems wrong. 

If the door swings closed too quickly, it may hit people as they walk in at a normal speed. Sometimes, if the door swings too fast, it may even slam and cause enough force to break the glass in the door. Of course, we don’t need to tell you that if this happens you need Baytown glass repair ASAP. However, I’m sure we can all agree it’s better to prevent this issue in the first place by making sure the door doesn’t swing too fast. 

On the other hand, you might find that your door closes too slowly. A slow door swing speed is also a problem. For example, the longer it takes for the door to close, the more conditioned air you lose, which can increase your cooling costs.

The Baytown Commercial Glass Door is Too Heavy to Open

In other cases, it might seem like your commercial glass door is too heavy. That makes it really difficult to open. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean your Baytown glass company installed a door that wasn’t right for your storefront. 

Instead, this usually means that there’s too much tension with the door hardware. This may come from many different places, such as the pivots or the door closer. Whatever the problem, it’s essential to get it fixed quickly. Not only is it frustrating for your customers, but it may actually be against the law to have a door that needs too much force to open

Storefront Door Doesn’t Latch or Close Properly

Another sign you need to adjust or repair your Baytown commercial glass door is if it doesn’t latch or close. If you find you have a gap where the door doesn’t close all the way, or if the latch doesn’t catch, this is a problem. 

If the door doesn’t close all the way, it can let cool air escape from your store. In addition, it can let insects and pests into your building. With a door that doesn’t latch, this creates security problems for your store. Therefore, you want to address these issues as soon as possible to protect your business. 

What to Check on Your Baytown Commercial Glass Door

There are many things that can cause issues with your commercial storefront doors. Before trying to adjust the door closer, it’s important to check other components that could be causing the problem. Adjusting door closers does take a little bit of time and tools, which is why we recommend double checking the following hardware first.

Hinges/Pivot Hardware

No matter how well-adjusted the door closer is, your door may not work well if the hinges or pivots are worn or broken. If the hinges are loose, it may cause the door to rub against the sides of the door frame and affect latching. If the hinges are rusted or seized, then the door may be difficult to open or close. They may need replacement or lubrication. 

Threshold Plates

Threshold plates are the metal pieces at the bottom of the door. If these become loose or warped, they can cause problems with commercial door operation. Once again, this can make it difficult to open or close your Baytown commercial glass doors. In these cases, try tightening the threshold to see if that fixes the problem. If not, it may need replacement. 

Weather Stripping

What happens if your doors don’t work well after replacing the weather stripping? Weather stripping is necessary for stopping draughts and air leaks from your business. However, if you choose a type of weather stripping that is too thick, it might make it difficult to open, close, or latch your storefront door. 

How to Adjust the Door Closer for Your Baytown Commercial Glass Door

However, in most cases, you will need to adjust the door closer to fix problems with your commercial door. Door closer hardware uses spring tension and hydraulic fluid to control swing speed, latch speed, and back check (how far back the door opens) for your door. If you’re experiencing issues with your door, it might be time to adjust the settings on your door closer. 

Each door closer is a little different, but generally you will find three bolts in the hardware that adjust the valves that control the flow of the hydraulic fluid. Tightening or loosening these bolts allows you to adjust swing speed, latch speed, and back check. Keep in mind, adjustments as small as ⅛ of a turn can change how your door operates significantly.

To increase swing speed, turn the swing speed bolt counterclockwise. Turning the bolt clockwise will typically decrease the swing speed. The same is true for latch speed and back check point: counterclockwise to increase and clockwise to decrease. Make small adjustments at a time and then test the result by opening and closing the door ten times. 

However, keep in mind sometimes you will need to replace the door closer hardware. For example, if you find oil leaking from the closer, that means the hydraulic fluid is leaking out and you need a new door closer. Also, if any of the adjustment bolts seem stripped or turning them doesn’t seem to do anything, this is another sign it’s time for a replacement. 

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