Decorate Baytown Commercial Glass Storefront for the Holidays

holiday painting on Baytown commercial glass
holiday painting on Baytown commercial glass
DIY holiday decor for Baytown commercial glass storefront windows can range from simple to elaborate.

As local businesses prepare for the holiday season, many are looking for creative ways to add seasonal cheer to their commercial glass storefronts in Baytown.

Whether you’re trying to attract customers and keep up with festive neighborhood decorations or simply want a way to enjoy the holidays from your business location, there is an array of ideas available that will help transform your shop front into an inviting winter wonderland.

Keep reading to discover some ideas for easy window decoration techniques from your commercial glass experts in Baytown – Joey’s Glass! For all your commercial glass needs, contact us today.

Determine the Type of Window Display You Want

The first step in creating a stunning holiday storefront is figuring out how to optimize your commercial glass window setup to make your display as appealing as possible. Depending on your preference, you could choose:

  • A corner window display is located at the junction of two windows on your storefront. These displays effectively capture customers’ attention from different angles.
  • A closed window display has a screen or wall behind it, creating a clear separation between the display and the rest of the store. Do this if you want to draw all of the customers’ attention solely to your storefront decoration.
  • An open window display enables customers to see inside your store, right through your window decor. It’s important the theme of your window decoration is consistent with the decor in the rest of the store.

By selecting the right display style, you can create an eye-catching seasonal window that entices shoppers to step through the door and start shopping.

Stencil Designs Directly onto the Glass with Paint

Decorating the glass of your storefront can be a great way to attract customers and show off your brand. One way to do this is by using stencils and glass-safe paint. There are countless stencil ideas to choose from, ranging from simple shapes to intricate designs.

Here are some stencil design ideas for your commercial storefront glass during the holiday season:

  • Fall Leaves: Representing the season and Thanksgiving, these can be swapped out for more Christmas-centric designs in December.
  • Snowflakes: This classic symbol of winter is always a hit and can remain on your windows beyond Christmas into the New Year.
  • Christmas Trees: A universally recognized symbol of the holiday season.
  • Ornaments: Large colorful ornaments can add a festive touch to your window display.
  • Holly and Ivy: These plants are synonymous with the holiday season and would make for a beautiful stencil design.
  • Bells: Bells, particularly in gold or silver, can bring a touch of elegance to your window display.
  • Candy Canes: A symbol of Christmas that’s fun, colorful, and instantly recognizable.
  • Stars: From the Star of Bethlehem to twinkling night sky stars, this design can be quite versatile.
  • Messages: Short phrases like “Happy Holidays”, “Season’s Greetings”, or “Merry Christmas” are another option to consider.

With the right stencil and paint, you can transform your storefront into a work of art that will draw customers in. And the best part is, stenciling is an easy and affordable way to update your storefront decor as often as you’d like.

Frost Your Windows with a DYI Solution or Store-Bought Snow

Looking to create a frosted appearance on your commercial glass? Look no further than this easy DIY technique. With just a few simple household items, you can achieve a beautiful frosted look on your storefront windows.

Simply mix together 1/ cup of warm water, 1/3 cup of Epsom salt, and 3 drops of dish soap to create a saturated solution, and then apply it to your windows with a sponge, catching any drips with a paper towel. Alternatively, you can opt for store-bought spray-on snow for a hassle-free solution.

Hang Holiday-Themed Window Clings for a Festive Look

For simple holiday window decor that doesn’t require a paintbrush, deck your commercial glass with eye-catching window clings. From snowflakes to reindeer and everything in between, there are a variety of window clings available to bring festive cheer to your business.

Choose from static window clings, which cling to the glass without adhesive, or adhesive-backed window clings for longer-lasting displays. You can use translucent window clings that let in natural light, or brightly-colored ones that really make a statement. Whatever your holiday style, there is a window cling out there to suit your business needs.

Add LED Light Strips Around Your Commercial Glass Storefront in Baytown

If you’re a business owner, the holiday season is the perfect opportunity to attract new customers. One way to do this is by installing LED lights strips around the perimeter of your glass storefront. This not only catches the eye of shoppers out doing their holiday shopping, but also creates a festive and inviting atmosphere that draws people in. Best of all, LED lighting is energy-efficient and customizable, so you can choose the colors that best represent your brand and create a look that is uniquely yours.

Your Commercial Glass Partner in Baytown – Joey’s Glass

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