Baytown Glass Company: Tinting Your Vehicle Windows

auto windows by Baytown glass company with dark tint
auto windows by Baytown glass company with dark tint
Protect your car with window tint after auto glass repair or replacement by your Baytown glass company.

If the Texas sun has turned your car into a rolling oven, it’s time to fight back. Auto glass tinting can help keep your vehicle cool, protect your interior, and boost your driving experience. Tinting reduces glare, enhances privacy, and even adds a touch of style to your ride.

If you’ve recently upgraded your windshield or vehicle windows in Baytown with an experienced glass company like here at Joey’s Glass, we’ve got expert advice on tinting options to help you maximize the benefits of your new glass. Need to replace your damaged or cracked auto glass before you can get tinting done? Contact us today for a fast, free quote!

Why Tint Your Car Windows?

The Houston sun is relentless, and anyone who’s parked in an unshaded lot knows the scorching feeling of returning to your car after it’s been baking in the sun. Auto glass tinting can make a big difference, as well as offering other benefits for you as a driver:

  • Beat the Heat: Tint acts like sunglasses for your car, blocking a significant amount of solar heat. Most tints block around 55% more heat than a vehicle without tinting. This translates to a noticeably cooler cabin, even after hours in the sun. 
  • Protect Your Interior: Constant UV exposure and high heat can fade fabrics or age leather prematurely. Tinting helps block a significant percentage of UV rays to safeguard upholstery, leather, and plastics, and keep your car looking its best.
  • Privacy and Security: Tinting adds a layer of privacy, making it harder to see inside your vehicle. This can deter opportunistic thieves and give you peace of mind.
  • Sleek Style: Let’s be honest – tinted windows just look cool. A subtle tint gives your car a polished and sophisticated edge.
  • Accident Safety: While not its primary purpose, tint film can even help hold shattered glass together, reducing the risk of flying shards in the event of an accident.

Is it Legal to Tint Your Windows in Houston?

Yes, you can have tinted windows in Baytown and Houston, up to a certain threshold. There are some state regulations that dictate the allowable darkness, or VLT (Visible Light Transmission) percentage, for each window to ensure safety and visibility. Failing to comply with these regulations can result in fines and even the requirement to remove the tint.

  • Windshield: Non-reflective tint is allowed above the manufacturer’s AS-1 line or top 5 inches of the windshield.
  • Front Side Windows: Must allow more than 25% of light in.
  • Back Side Windows: Can be tinted to any darkness.
  • Rear Window: Can be tinted to any darkness if the vehicle has side mirrors.

DIY vs. Professional Tinting – Baytown Glass Company

When it comes to tinting your car windows, you have two options: do it yourself or hire a professional. Each option has its pros and cons, and the best choice for you depends on your budget and desired results.

DIY Tinting

If you’re on a tight budget, confident in your hands-on skills, and not afraid of potential imperfections, DIY might be worth exploring. Just keep in mind that a poorly executed DIY tint job can diminish your car’s appearance and may even need to be professionally redone, ultimately costing you more in the long run.

  • Cost-effective: DIY tint kits are generally much cheaper than professional installation.
  • Potential for satisfaction: If you’re meticulous and handy, taking on the project yourself can be rewarding.
  • Challenges: DIY tinting is notoriously difficult. Improper application can lead to bubbles, creases, unevenness, and peeling.
  • Material quality: Kits often use lower-grade tint film, which may fade or discolor faster.
  • Risk of mistakes: Cutting mistakes can ruin the film, and re-doing it increases your costs and frustration.

Professional Tinting

Professional tinting can cost much more than a DIY job, but for most drivers, the superior results, peace of mind, and warranty offered by professional tinting outweigh the higher cost.

  • Superior results: Experienced installers have the skills and tools for a flawless, long-lasting tint job.
  • High-quality films: Professional shops use premium tint films with better durability, heat rejection, and UV protection.
  • Warranty: Reputable installers often offer warranties covering their workmanship and the tint film itself.
  • Time-saving: Professionals get the job done quickly and efficiently, saving you hours of potential frustration.
  • Cost: Professional tinting is undeniably more expensive upfront than a DIY kit.

Maintaining Your Tinted Windows

Once you’ve invested in window tinting, you’ll want to protect it to ensure it looks great and lasts for years. By following these simple guidelines, you’ll keep your tinted windows looking as good as the day they were installed!

Only use gentle cleaners, not harsh chemicals. Ammonia, bleach, and abrasive cleaners will damage the tint film, causing discoloration, fading, or bubbling. Stick to gentle, tint-safe products. Invest in an ammonia-free cleaner designed for tinted windows or use a simple mild soap and water solution. Apply with a soft microfiber cloth to avoid scratching the tint. To avoid streaks or water spots, gently pat the windows dry with a clean, lint-free microfiber cloth after cleaning.

Be careful with sharp objects. Keys, rings, and even fingernails can scratch the tint’s surface. Take care when cleaning around windows, and never use razor blades or scrapers on your tint. 

Easy, Affordable Auto Glass Upgrades – Baytown Glass Company

Auto glass tinting is a smart investment if you want to stay cool and comfortable out on the road. But remember, a poorly tinted window is worse than no tint at all. For expert tinting advice, premium materials, and flawless installation, do your research and find a reputable company around the Baytown area.

If you’re facing a cracked windshield or damaged auto glass, turn to your trusted Baytown glass company, Joey’s Glass, for fast, affordable, and quality repairs and replacements. Let us get you back on the road with crystal-clear vision and the option to add that protective, stylish tint—contact our team for an auto glass quote today.